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    Originally posted by euro2fast4u View Post
    cough cough hes still on bimmerforums where his fan boys are still in love with his cleaning of the interior throw some rims on paint it and jack the price up 300% dont forget adding M badges everywhere
    ha, yeah, this is my favorite. Almost worth becoming a member to post links to his current threads


      I agree with everyone else, you handled this well. It's really unfortunate you entrusted your collector vehicle to someone and got royally screwed. I understand why you wouldn't want him to drive your car, I'd pissed too. He should of fixed it for you, no questions. The fact that he tried to put the blame on the transport company is a pretty scumbag move. That's just plain bad business. If someone just came into my shop and dropped 6k and weren't happy, I'd be doing everything in my power to make it right.


        It's sickening that people would do such a thing. I hope that the M3 can be restored and will gladly contribute as soon as I can.

        Props to you though Yan, I consider myself an extremely calm, temper-less person, but I don't know if I could have been so passive about the situation. This ordeal went so far beyond the money.

        Best wishes to you Yan and happy holidays!
        Different strokes for different folks.


          wow. what a huge headache. I can only send you my condolences. poor m3


            i sent a message to kevlar on bfc...linking him to both this thread and e30 troys just making him aware of the situation ..didnt feel i was in a position to make a thread to blast him ... but felt he needed to know


              Wow I painted my car once with no experiance and it looked like a show piece compared to that. 6k for a paint job should look like what it did when it came out of the factory if not better.

              A shitty paint job from a body shop is one thing but from them to drive it when specifically told not to that is just not on. I commend you YAN for your cool additude. Personally I would be all up in VLAD's shit.


                According to what I have been told by a respectable source, model on pics was never Vlad's girl...but she is a stripper in NJ (which I can find out where) time there's a local meet...we should go to the club after.


                  I read through the S14 thread, which has more back and forth, and here is my take:

                  Yan needs to take the car to an INDEPENDENT body shop and have them document the issues. His pictures are a start, but a professional assessment from a third party is the only way for it to be proper and objective.

                  Next, he must take it back to Vlad. At this point, even though there is much bad blood, he must document his attempt to allow Vlad to make it right. In VA (I know the car isn't in VA) you have no recourse for a warranty claim unless you allow the original shop to attempt to make it right. I also realize that this poses a trust issue. Why would one want to take it back after what has happened? Well, simply put, because you have no other real choice. There is no way Vlad will refund anything at this point after being tossed out on the forums, and there is no way Yan will be satisfied with a quick color sand and buff. The parties are at an impasse.

                  The best thing to do in this situation is for both parties to cover themselves. Doing so may cost a little additional money, and it would be the right thing for both parties to split the cost of that. It would be super of Vlad to cover the costs as a show of good faith, but in situations like this both sides need to be flexible if an equitable solution is to be reached. The cost of the work, all $6000, should be put into an escrow account. Vlad should receive his full payment once the work has been signed off on by Yan and/or an impartial third party body shop. If the car is not put right, a portion of the $6000 should be returned from the escrow account to Yan so that he can have the car put right. This portion should be suggested by the third party body shop (they should know the work won't be performed there, hence their only financial gain is the estimation time paid equally by both parties) and agreed to by both Yan and Vlad.

                  The whole situation sucks. I know what I see, but the only chance Yan has to get his car back without an outlay close to what he already paid is to give Vlad another chance. He doesn't have to like it, though.

                  As for the car making its way to a show without the express consent of the owner, that is a huge mark against Vlad. In fact, in many states it constitutes theft. Getting the keys to a car in most (if not all) states does not mean you may use the car as you see fit. It means that you may operate the vehicle as necessary to complete the work, not show it off. If the laws in Vlad's state are particularly strict, he may even face a jail sentence. For this reason, I would urge Vlad to bend over backwards to make this situation right. I would also like to add this: Vlad's assertion that since Yan didn't respond to a message Vlad sent asking permission to take the car to a show that he was tacitly granting permission is completely ridiculous. Things like that require explicit permission. I understand that this one point is probably one of the largest sticking points in regards to Yan leaving the car with Vlad again, which is why Vlad must also sign a contract listing the explicit permissions involved. This contract should also include insurance specifically covering this vehicle at an agreed value naming Yan as the beneficiary. In addition, any willful destruction of Yan's property will result in criminal charges.

                  As I see it, this is the best way for both parties to get what they want out of this while simultaneously covering their asses.

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                    ^ MANY VALID POINTS. Forum members helping Yan is a very nice gesture, but it does not solve the fact that Yan PAID Vlad and Vlad has the money and needs to make it right or refund it. Very simple.

                    Also, talking shit about his girl or not his girl is almost like dropping down a level since she isn't even here to defend herself. After all, it's not her who took the money or painted the car lol
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                      Originally posted by Jean View Post
                      Also, talking shit about his girl or not his girl is almost like dropping down a level since she isn't even here to defend herself. After all, it's not her who took the money or painted the car lol
                      Totally agree Jean, not cool at all
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                      Originally posted by der affe
                      first try a finger or 2, you need to have them suck on it first and get it nice and wet to help it slip in.

                      if she goes for that, astroglide up your pole, have her lay on her stomach and slip it in slowly and bury it to your balls and leave it there until she relaxes. once she is used to it slam that ass like a screen door.



                        All I can really say is that this is why I decided to DIY my paint job. Has it been an arduous process? Yeah. Are the results better than this shit show? Yeah.
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                          Originally posted by karzrtoyz View Post
                          How can Vlad sleep at night?
                          With 6 thousand dollars of ill gotten cash under his pillow!

                          Banning him and a fund raiser is an awesome way to show support for YAN.

                          Please, please , please post this experience to 2 sites.

                          1. BBB - Better Business Bureau - for the locale and district that his shop resides in.

                          Why , you ask. Because others who seek quality body work will consult the Better Business Bureau and/or rippoff report.
                          If they see a scathing report of the quality of service then they will be forewarned and not even consider his shop for work to be performed.

                          This diminishes his business and effects his bottom line. Ever hear the saying, "We are going to vote with our pocketbooks"?

                          Im down for the donation! Lets please keep this rolling so that YAN can be offered some relief from this terrible situation!!!

                          Dont take the car back to Vlad! He has proven himself to be a very unscrupulous businessman and essentially stole your car to take it to a show. Why in the world would one ever go near his shop or him personally with something that they valued so much? There is no sucking it up now as the masses have helped the upheaval of bad feelings between the parties.
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                            Originally posted by nrubenstein View Post

                            All I can really say is that this is why I decided to DIY my paint job. Has it been an arduous process? Yeah. Are the results better than this shit show? Yeah.

                            I could have probably paid less for a better job then I am doing in my garage right now but I will know everything is done how I want and I wont find overspray stuff a shop might not think I care about.

                            Not that I blame Yan for going this route of course.


                              Im not siding with vlad at all but, im really interested in hearing what people at the car show think. chipping paint sometimes takes some time . But who was at the sigfest? and saw the car? bc there isnt just chipping, theres runs and orange peel that a 6k paint job shouldnt have.

                              But what if vlad painted the car. then did get damaged by the transferring company, who then repaints it why we dont know, then like vlad says he gets the car 10 days later.

                              to me it looks like a 3 day paint job, but then again the tape bubbles match. was there chipping on the front valance?


                                Unbelievable. Yan, I hope you get this all sorted out to your satisfaction man. No respray should cost or look like that, and I think you, Vlad, and the rest of the community knows that. Vlad owes it to you to come see the car (not vise versa) and evaluate the finished product. Keep us posted on this.

                                Happy holidays.
                                - Trey

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