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    Bump. Nobody drags their cars these days?
    1989 325i Alpine s52 coupe
    2003 540i M-Sport 6 speed
    2003 X5 3.0


      I never knew about this thread. Id like to make it to the track this year for some passes, but Im 2.9L M20 anyways...

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        I'd like to get the OBD2 SC S52 to the track this year, but we'll see.


          M60 1/8 mile

          reaction: .5557
          60 foot: 2.0717
          330 foot: 5.7742
          1/8 mile: 8.7424
          1/8 mph: 83.30
          est 1/4: 13.5-13.7

          The car: 1987 325e with m60B40, dudmd chip, mustang injectors, 5 spd ZF, 3.15 torsen diff, 225/50zr16 toyo RA1 on the rear with -5 degrees of camber.

          lots of wheel hop out of the hole even after warming the tires up several runs back to back. I know the rear camber is killing me.
          hopefully with the rear camber adjusted out and some smaller diameter drag radials I could get a 8.4 - 8.5.


            Back when I had my orange car it had a lot of wheel hop as well. Unless you get a proper setup, it seems to be common with these cars.

            With any luck this year I will finally be able to get the supercharged S52 down the track.


              as far as I understand it, wheel hop is mostly a function of shock rebound & spring rates.
              Build thread



                M20B25 in E21 body:
                60ft: 2.362
                1/8sp: 116,7
                1/8t: 9,866
                1/4sp: 149,7
                1/4t: 15,163

                Racing excuses: max ign. advance was 28 deg, crappy open diff and street tires, full interior.

                Engine specs: M20B25 with ported cyl head, headers and VEMS ems.

                I guess i could do 14s since i had the cyl head rebuilt now (it had 5 bent intake valves! ).


                  1/8th mile 1987 325e sedan full interior, air conditioning, m30b35/G260 swap, 225/50/16 tires, Microsquirt,100 hp nitrous. I know my 60 foot needs work. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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                    I just started doing 1/4 miles runs with my car. My 60ft is terrible because I was spinning till 3rd. The car is a 325ix turbo with a dct. I'm hoping to run a high 10 this year. Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
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                    IX being restored here

                    Ix turbo build here


                      Tossed some drag radials on my sedan Needless to say it helped a lot. Equates to a 12.6 sec 1/4 mile. My goal is to get this car to run a 11.50 with more nitrous and some weight reduction. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk