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How does the M54 handle turbocharging?

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    How does the M54 handle turbocharging?

    Hi Folks,

    I've got an M52b28 sitting on a stand in my garage.

    I pulled it from an E39 back in 2014, and it's moved around with me ever since.
    I've since collected E36 motor mount arms, and an E39 oil pan swap.

    The plan was always to turbo the motor, run a standalone ECU, and swap into my E30, but life and finances got in the way.

    Almost 6 years later, it appears that the local supply of M52 engines has dried up. This means when I inevitably push the motor too far, I'll have trouble sourcing a replacement.
    The newer technology in the M54 is also appealing.


    How does the M54 handle boost?

    From what I've read, the M52b28 can push 350-400WHP reliably with only ARP studs and better headgasket.
    My power goal is as above, but there is always the possibility of wanting to turn the car up!

    I would appreciate any input you may have on either the M54 swap itself or an M54 with boost!

    Pictures of my M52's travels for interest:

    '87 BMW E30 325is (restomod)
    '90 Mazda Miata NA
    '04 Jeep TJ
    '05 Yamaha R6 (trackbike)

    Free bump. I would like to know as well. I was pushing 315whp with a lot of hard driving and never had an issues with my m52b28 on stock bolts and gasket. I love the torque on the m54 so seems like it would be a fun swap with boost.
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      Works fine. A local friend of mine bought Nick G's e46 that has been turbo charged since day one (last pic in this link It's got something like 100k miles on it now and the only issue is the transmission (auto) goes in limp mode if he really gets on it. The trans even held up fine until the new owner recently took it to a track day event.
      Transaction feedback: Here, here and here. Thanks :D