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DIY MSS54/HP Bench Flash Harness

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    DIY MSS54/HP Bench Flash Harness

    Want to bench flash your ECU for yourself and others? Make one cheap!

    NOTE: You will want a BMW INPA/Ediabas K+DCAN USB to OBDII cable
    ODB Plug Part Number: BMW Part #61138380698
    ODB Pins Part Number: BMW Part #61138366598
    X60001 Plug Part Numbers, inner core and outer shell: 12521744624, 12527502456
    X60001 Pins Part Number: 2-929939-1
    The above parts are linked to the MFG website. Most likely search for the same parts

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Bench%20Flash%20Harness%20DIY.png Views:	157 Size:	67.4 KB ID:	9913678
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    I made one of these a while back. Someone on M3F helped point me to the correct pins from mouser or digikey for the x60001. I'll see if I can dig them up, might be useful if the BMW one's ever get discontinued, mouser ones were cheaper too IIRC, which makes a difference if you are buying a lot of them.


      OBD cable I bought a while back came with a female plug and pigtails to make bench flashing easier. It has since died and was replaced with a Bimmergeeks unit. Recently got some ECU plugs from a JY, but prior to that I was using just plain old 1/8" spade connectors.
      Transaction feedback: Here, here and here. Thanks :D


        Already linked the x60001 plug and pins to the mfg website, mouser does have them. Also I prefer to use a Male odb2 to usb adapter so that I can flash while in car or use testo for data logging.
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          The part number for X60001/X60005 pins from TE is 2-929939-1. Figured this could potentially be useful for future reference.

          I purchased these from Mouser a few years ago, at the time they offered them individually, now it looks like they are only offered in massive bulk spools. Digikey has them for $.84 each currently. These are known as Junior Power Timer series pins, I'm sure they can be found from other sources.
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            Odd, they do not list that pin as compatible.... I referenced all parts compatible with what you listed as well as what is compatible with the female housing.


              Sorry, it went right over my head that your initial post contained links to the TE parts. Have you confirmed that those parts work? It may just be that there are a couple different types of compatible pins. I believe the part that I used looks the same as the OE BMW part.

              Also, the original X60001 and X60005 connectors are keyed so that they can't be swapped by mistake. The OE connectors are actually a two piece connector where there is an inner socket housing that holds the 9 pins, which IIRC is the same between X60001 and X60005. The outer part snaps on over it and has the keyed feature that prevents the connectors from being swapped. ECS has good photos of this.

              OE parts:
              Socket Housing: 12521744624
              Outer Cover Piece: 12527502456

              These are the parts I used, along with 2-929939-1 from TE.

              Realoem doesn't seem to list the part numbers for X60005, but for some reason I seem to remember that the outer housing that is available now (12527502456) is not uniquely keyed and is compatible with both. Unfortunately my DME and flashing setup are at a friend's shop right now so I can't access them while this quarantine is going on. I order the housing parts from BMW, and I think they had some TE part numbers on them that I can probably find once I have access to them again.

              The TE connector that you linked to appears to be a single piece design, unlike the original, maybe this is just a newer version that TE makes that's also compatible?

              Edit: I realized that there are a bunch of options for junior power timer pins on mouser in various different materials (tin, gold, silver, etc) and wire gauge sizes.


                Thanks, I will update with your info being correct, I think it is wisest. I remember my pre-made harness from Andrew allowed me to plug into both X60001 and X60005, hence why I labeled the ECU and harness. Thanks, and I believe it best if end user cannot plug into the wrong plug in the ECU.