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Completed S38 Swap Roll Call

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    Originally posted by sinep View Post
    that's a well executed front end. Really looks like a mini e34.
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      ^^ this. I would rock that front end. but I'd get iS skirts and paint the bumpers to match
      Originally posted by e30hijinks
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        An engine room progress pic from my 1st post -

        Got a new air filter, it's a Carbon Dynamic Airbox from BMC, it's number ACCDA100-150 , it squeezed right in there, barely. You have to modify the air hose going from the filter to intake to prevent it from almost only sucking the wall....

        Then I installed a Wiechers strut brace, it didn't bolt on directly because of the S38's "throttle cable bracket" was in the way.. I had to saw off what would be used to hold the cable for the cruise control.. if I had cruise control, so no biggie.

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          Are you to route a cold air feed pipe/hose or leave it as is..?
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            Originally posted by ja burna View Post
            Are you to route a cold air feed pipe/hose or leave it as is..?
            yeh, it's not finished as is. Will have to customize the hose between filter and intake to get the CDA further towards the firewall, then I'll drag a pipe down to the front bumper area.
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              If you didn't have ABS, the filter could be angled down a couple inches right? I had to delete my ABS for this reason. If yours is directly behind the highbeam, you may be able to get away with just removing that beam but it takes away from the stealth stock look.


                Originally posted by fronton View Post
                If you didn't have ABS, the filter could be angled down a couple inches right?
                Correct. It's laying on the ABS unit as is, but I'm gonna try and just route a pipe over the ABS, since I'd like to keep that.
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                  It is a while ,, since i posted here, on r3v

                  but i have a S38B38...... ((hole in piston 4 at the moment)) that have been in my cabrio since

                  the car have E30 M3 five lug conversion.. ALPHA-N and is (was) pretty quick
                  dry weight is 1450 kg or 3200 lbs

                  old pictures..

                  ps,, i used the E34 M5 brakebooster,, and redrilled new hole in the firewall.. 1/2" to the left

                  stock E30 M3 brakes and they are MASSIVE good with this setup
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                    Is everyone using their stock e30 fuel pump? I am curious is upgrading to bosch 044 or something more hardcore would benefit power. I would think the e34 M5 has a more powerful pump than e30 M3.


                      I've used the M3's stock pump for about ~30.000km now without problems.. but am planning to higher my HP output to ~500hp during the winter, if time allows, and I'm planning on using the Bosch 044 as those have been proven to withstand that and more..

                      ..apparently the E34 M5 fuel pump is the same pump used in the E34 525i / 535i and E32 735i and 734iL

                      and the E30 M3's fuel pump is the same as used in the E28 M5, E24 M6 among others..

                      here's where I got the info ,
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                        I'm have stock fuel pumps plus a adjustable fuel pressure regulator at 50 psi. It been running good for 14 years.

                        (Fronton) if you plan to use bosch o44 make sure you take out the internal pump inside the tank. If you do not it slow your fuel cycle. On my other e30 m3 is a s54 turbo. I am running two pumps. Pump 1 walbro 255 the tank pump 2 is a external a bosch 044. My goal is 600hps +.
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                          Thanks for the info gents. My understanding now is that a better fuel pump like 044 does not actually offer any performance gains, just a good long term option if replacing the stock pump or sustaining long term BIG horsepower, not just 300 like we have.

                          Basically, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. If it breaks, 044 is a good solution but stock pump replacement is just as good up to at least 350hp. Is this correct?


                            I can't see any room for improvement when dealing with a stock engine, as you don't need any more fuel than what you're already getting.. Altho' some people do report about feeling an improvement in their daily driving when replacing a fuel pump stock to stock that they didn't think had any issues, they are 20+ years old if still the original one after all, so it never hurts to replace and see what happens.

                            As BMW used the same pump in the 170hp 525i's as the 3.8 M5, this according to realoem and turnermotorsport, I'd think that the pump can handle an extra 10hp.. so if you're just chipping the car I wouldn't think that there's any use for a stronger fuel pump yet, but once you get to the stage of having to add larger injectors however there's no more reasons not to add a better pump aswell.
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                              Cool, never noticed the S38 section here.

                              Here is an early picture of mine. I will take some current pictures one of these days.
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                                Yes! When you get around to more recent pictures, please list the basic swap details. I need to update my photos as well.