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Differences in IX strut towers

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    11/87 Coupe:
    41 15/16 C-C
    45 1/2 Front Bolt
    45 11/16 Rear Bolt (~45.67 like Nisse)

    10/90 Sedan:
    41 7/8 C-C
    45 1/2 Front Bolt
    45 11/16 Rear Bolt


      you know what....i think i am off an inch. i took my measurements but i didn't write them down. i came in and posted by memory. i think the front strut bolt distance on my cars is 45 inches and change. i re edited my post above.
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      92 Mtech 2 cabrio alpinweiss 770 code
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      88 325ix coupe manual diamondschwartz/natur
      87 e30 m3 for parts lachsilber/cardinal(serial number 7)
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        FWIW this strut bar didn't even come close to fitting my 10/90 ix either. I think they probably built the later cars a little differently - my ix was definitely not tweaked.

        I ended up making my own mount plates with the pin locations moved so I could make it fit. That was like.. 16 years ago. lol.
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          That is what I intend on doing as well.
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            Wouldn't it be safe to assume that the towers might move throughout the years due to absorption of bumps and stresses cause over time from the way the struts are aligned? I know it's not the strongest metal up front and the way the struts sit, its almost as if over time it would pull the towers closer to the center of the engine bay. Especially when we're seeing your car has alot of banging around from rally cross, it looks like maybe this has added to that effect?


              Sure, but I put mine in like 16 years ago, and the car had relatively low miles, and it was never raced or rallied. I think its far more likely that there's just a bit of manufacturing tolerance.
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                Seeing such C/L variations comes as something of a relief. My iX has front center damage that crushed grill, AC condenser and radiator back into the fan, but no obvious chassis damage elsewhere.

                In another iX forum, a member "commented" that an iX was junk unless it was dead nuts on the factory spec: 1082.2 +- 2mm, 42.56" nom.

                Measurements on my 9/90 iX sedan:

                between tower C/Ls: 42"
                between front stud C/Ls: 45 5/8.
                can't get the rear dimension right now.

                A strut brace looks like it needs an additional 12 mm separation to fit, so trying to figure out how to get it to fit. Where to push?

                A guy who owns an iX coupe helped with the measurement on mine, so we measured his iX coupe:

                Distance between strut centerlines : 42.25"

                I don't understand changing separation without creating obvious fender - hood gap distortion.
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                  I ended up making my own strut bar out of mild steel, I painted it to match the aluminum tower plates. I reused the tower plates because those are more difficult to make. I used 1" box tubing, with the some 2" flat plate, and used head bolt washers at the ends of the T to run a bolt through.

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