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Flat black E34, build thread

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    Originally posted by Aleksey View Post
    Looks like trolls from BF.c are here :)
    I see you still have a knack for irony. I've personally banned you on bf.c at least 8 times for trolling, some the bf.c guys never even knew about. :up:

    I still think deep down you're an alright guy, you just really, really suck at trolling. And making e-friends. Glad to see you've been keeping yourself busy in other ways. You might want to work on your attention to detail though, it seems a bit lacking.

    BTW, if this smoldering thread catches fire you might just be the next whatt18yahoo. Wouldn't that be something? His thread smoldered for months before the R3V guys realized what they had.

    See you on bf.c!

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      nice e34 man - thinking a vinyl wrap job might be necessary for my e30 down the line... thinking satin white or maybe a satin blue color :)
      Work in progress: 1991 318i m50 swap

      Feedback thread :up:

      Originally posted by slammin.e28guy
      I prefer having a female in the car at all times. They generally smell good, but you do have to put up with that hole in their face.


        No flak for the angel eyes and ebay tails? I'm ashamed of r3v.

        Also did you rebuild the m60 in your apartment too?
        Originally posted by LJ851
        I programmed my oven to turn off when my pizza was done, should i start a build thread?




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            Wow how did I miss this, it looks fucking sick dude!
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              Originally posted by Aleksey View Post
              Looks like trolls from BF.c are here :)
              hahahah. silly trolls / trolling / etc.

              Trolling is actually quite amusing to watch, makes for some funnnnnny comments to laugh about.

              BFC haters = overly up tight.

              I love the apartment attack, thanks for innovating!!
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                Thanks for the compliments. Vinyl is still holding up just posting some new pictures in here:

                P.S The tail lights were temporary for the meet as a last minute thing due to melted housing in original lights. I do not have angel light wiring anywhere in engine bay, just like how lenses look cleaner over stock :)

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