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rusted floors, how bad is it?

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    OP, it's called "rust encapsulator" made by Eastwoods. You can get it in an aerosol or a quart. I brushed it on with a regular paint brush

    it's a Kenny Powers quote on wheels


      thank you for the heads up. I will be posting up some more pics prob wed before work. down to my last patch. got the passenger side done yesterday. top has been seem sealed, bottom has been fiber glassed to help blend it all back together.

      Got 1 gallon of Second Skin sound deadener in today! stuff looks pretty rugged.

      Also got brand new Vibrant 3" resonator!

      And.... my favorite part...… The carpet. should be delivered tomorrow morning. Its not factory BMW but ive got high hopes based on research and review. Company is Stock Interiors outta NC. I will def leave feedback after I unbox and check it out.


        Wellll. Interior is back together..... Looks ok but not happy with the carpet. At all..... I mean it looks decent but not what I was going for. Sourced another factory carpet in dark grey. Going to try to dye it black. Will start on a smaller scrap I have before attempting entire thing.
        I will try after work to post a few interior shots of the carpet that's in it.