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Cow Catcher Price?

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    Cow Catcher Price?

    Hey guys, looking to ditch the fiberglass bumpers on my 84 e and trade up to tucked bumpers and a cow catcher. Not sure what an appropriate price to pay for said setup would be.

    Things are worth whatever you're willing to pay.

    This is me. Just a dinged up valence with cracks and flaking paint? $100, tops. Perfect condition valence in the right color with all perfect and unbroken mounting hardware and perfect foglights? $500, probably. I'd say most valences out there for sale are in the $150-200 range.
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      The cowcatcher has a lot of unique pieces so the more complete it is, the more it will cost. Luckily the usually broken brackets are being reproduced now. They are new and havent been quite battle tested but the original ones are broken 9/10 times. Most will also be pretty hammered since they tend to hang a bit lower. Then theres the fogs and the brake scoops... Id say they could be anywhere from $100-$500 based on what I just said
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        depending on where you are in America i have a set of DB bumpers in pretty good condition sitting on a farm near Sacramento if you want/need them.

        just give the person who owns the farm some beer money

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