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Interest in brand new Hella Bi-Focus low beams?

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    BiFocal availability

    Originally posted by Motheye99 View Post
    How much for a plug and play set?
    As you can imagine, they jacked up the price once they went to a 'special order' status. BiFocals only, from Hella USA, are running $340 the pair plus shipping (from the US only; not overseas). I am doing the mentioned setup (film, lamps, connectors) for $112 the pair plus shipping.

    The low beam relay mod to make them permanently active with highs is $12. It is a pretty simple mod inside the fuse box that requires hand tools only - 2 screwdrivers and a hex key (Allen wrench). A jumper wire with the correct Hella terminal to install in the relay socket, heat shrink tube to cover the terminal liberated, and instructions with pictures are included.

    Also, there's an update on the back side- a rubber boot is now included. The light has a unique 'ground post' for wiring, a tapered round 'finger' thing that sticks up. The terminal for this is equally unique, and is available from Hella through my connection. You can see this post in RZMOSER's pictures. Look at IMG_2909, it's on the left. The main and city light bulbs ground through the metal socket structure, which is wired to ground via this post.

    Lamps - the RangePower 50+ Narva lamps have been outclassed by a newer H1, also 55 watts! Vosla (German of course) makes an H1 +100 that claims double the output of a standard H1. I have these, and have sold them to great acclaim. They are only a few bucks more than the Narva 50+ at $18 a piece.

    I have been told, again, that these are available by special order, prepaid only. But my experience tells me they are definitely worth the wait!

    Email me with specific questions or to order a pair.

    Rzmoser- email me any time, let's talk!

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