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Replacement headunit options that suit the E30 interior

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    Replacement headunit options that suit the E30 interior

    Hi everyone,

    It is time to get rid of the stock head unit. I have been holding off as i actually like the old look of it, but it is ghetto as using a tape to AUX adapter and even this has now died...

    So what do you have? what do you think would suit the interior without looking like the space shuttle?

    I am after something that looks like it should be there more so then a aftermarket accessory.

    ATM this is the interior, it is a mix of new and old and i feel it "works" well together atm. I am hoping to continue this.

    Obviously having a blue light on the head unit at night would not look very integrated. I did think one of the double din flat screen head units would look great as all you would see is the screen, however it is way too much work for the gains for me.

    Audison 3 channel amp, Hertz 12 inch sub, Hertz front splits and a set of coaxes for the parcel shelf is what i have for the rest of the system.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

    I've been planning on getting one of these for the very same reason. It looks like it is stock, but I can still play off my iphone.


      The only issue with that is those units do not have pre-outs so you would have to use wire to pre-out converters in my application.

      Fits the bill looks wise however.


        I love my Alpines. they work really well with Apple products and the interface is the easiest to use by far. currently im running a cde-hd148bt and love it. and have a UTE-42BT and it's barely usable. the CDE goes red so i like that. all the pioneers look like ass. JVC's are the slowest interface ever. they sound damn good tho but, their 2014 collection looks terrible. i installed 1 kenwood for a local guy, never again. that was the shittiest unit i've ever installed in a car and most backwards layout.
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          Replacement headunit options that suit the E30 interior

          I have this pioneer DEH-X6500BT
          I love this head unit it lets me play music via Bluetooth from my iPhone and the color is customizable


            Keep the options coming. It is good that a lot of head units these days allow you to customise/change the colour of the lighting.


              Your options in the "budget" category are basically a refurbished Kenwood X996 (the 997 looks awful), or a Pioneer 80PRS. Both of these will match the interior lighting color and look, well, vaguely acceptable. (I have both of these.)

              The best looking head made is the Pioneer P99. Which is $1,200, but by all reports, worth it.

              There are a couple of VW options that could be adapted and look OK, and there are a couple Blaupunkt options, but they all cost a lot and don't sound good. (Better than a stock E30 deck, mind you).
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                I am looking at a Blaupunkt Toronto to replace my stock head unit. $149 at Crutchfield. I'll let you know how it goes.



                  I just did last years model. Who needs CD's?? Bluetooth, no cables.
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                    Originally posted by jrockbk View Post
                    I have this pioneer DEH-X6500BT

                    I love this head unit it lets me play music via Bluetooth from my iPhone and the color is customizable
                    I just bought a similar head unit (same faceplate, but sans bluetooth) from on clearance for $82 shipped. The ability to match the display color to the dash light color and cheap price where my main requirements.


                      I got Kenwood KDC-210U, the sound is great and the default orange is verrry similar to the BMW orange. Plus, it's only $45 on ebay - - even less if you can get it on a good auction. I will take a picture of mine later today so you can see how it looks.

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                        I've bought this one.. Chinese junk, but it has usb and memory card..

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                          Kamlean, not sure if you're the same person in ECCA Australia forum who asked the same questions.

                          Here are some thread for your reading.




                          My personal recommendation is Fusion CA-CD800


                            This is the only radio to get, if you want aftermarket but keep the OEM look. Buttons match the oem OBC buttons, backlight color adjustment can match the BMW orange perfectly. CD player, RDS, AUX In, No clock on head unit which is awesome as a clock on an aftermarket headunit is a dead give away that it does not belong.


                   <--------This picture, the display looks more reddish, but you can adjust to the orange side to really get it exactly to OEM orange.
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                              I believe most people including me, who own 90's old BMW want old look head unit but yet want modern features, bluetooth, aux-in, iPod connection, etc. In reality they don't exist, you got to balance at some point.
                              IMO, Becker Grand Prix series are the best choice if you can afford the money, and if you can still find it because Becker don't produce aftermarket HU anymore.