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Cluster and OBC issues

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    Cluster and OBC issues

    I got a couple of new bugs I am trying to work out.

    On my 91' the coolant temp gauge gets stuck on cold every time the car sat for a period of time and cooled off. If I give the cluster a tap with my finger it jumps to normal position and continues to work for the rest of the trip. I am assuming this is something stupid like a bad contact. Anyone know?

    Second issue is with my 6 button OBC. Lately the display has gone wonky and started displaying a bunch of gibberish. Looks like Predator's self destruct bomb timer. Same as the temp gauge if I give it a few taps it will go back to normal. The LCD itself seems fine, it's still sealed and displaying correctly. I am thinking it's a bad connection with the rubber ribbon. Anyone know if this can be fixed or should I get a complete LCD kit? Or perhaps it's a different issue inside the unit?

    Check YouTube ... There are a couple of videos showing how to repair temp guage.


      There is only one way to repair the temp gauge. To have the cluster or the SI board refurbished. The SI board powers and controls the temp, tach, MPG, SI lights and OBC. You wanna know why hitting the cluster fixes the temp gauge? This is because the transistors on the SI board are failing and getting stuck. Those taps on the dash help dislodge the transistors. Eventually it will get worse and your gauges will fail and there will be a parasitic drain on your vehicle starting battery.

      The OBC is also powered and controlled by the SI board, so refurbishing the SI board should also repair it as well.
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        Originally posted by Gregs///M View Post
        There is only one way to repair the temp gauge.
        Other then to check to make sure the brass nuts on the back of the cluster are tight. When the nuts back off, the contact for the gauge is lost. Try that first. Then if you still have issues, Greag Is a great guy to have your cluster refurbed by!

        (Steering wheel nut is a 22mm, pull that off, get the cluster out, and tighten the little brass nuts)
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