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How to: Replace M20 Starter easy!

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    Originally posted by MSGGrunt View Post
    I know I could weld tabs on the bolt head end to stop them from spinning but, I had another idea... What about using star washers on them? My thinking is that the star washer will bite into the bell housing and bolt to provide enough friction so the bolt won't spin while the nut is tightened.


    I will report success or failure in a couple days when my new starter arrives.
    Well, did that work? Hope so...
    Jon (OO=[][]=OO)
    1992 325ic white, stock with a 5-speed swap
    Palm Beach County


      I just had to do this job and I think I've done it the easiest way possible. I didn't disconnect any coolant lines, and very few electrical connections (I think 3).

      The secret weapon was a 3/8 line wrench (for use on brake lines) I placed that over the torx bolts near the firewall (it may take some maneuvering but it fits on both from the top of the engine and will hold). I did the whole job in under an hour and a half. I only had to get under the car to loosen the bottom starter nut. I didn't use a single wobble extension, and only one 6 inch socket extension. The only tricky part was removing the line wrench, and that was easily solved with a light tap from a rubber mallet handle (due to tight spaces)


        Any advice on removing a starter from a 1986 BMW 325ES???? The top bolt is giving me nightmares.


          I have a no start no crank situation and from what I know ,So when I turn the key nothing happens the lights on the dash turn on and there's a humming noise but that's about all that happens any thoughts? I know the battery is good, not sure about the starter tho. But I've replaced the main relay and the fuel pump relay and idk what that relay next to the fuel pump relay is but I replaced that one too. And to no avail so now I'm kind of hoping it's not the starter.