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WARNING: Drilling bumper shocks.

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    Originally posted by ButtJuice View Post
    ^ you sound like my dad. I used to get really annoyed by him being overly cautious, but it has since rubbed off on me and now I'm the same way. Total safety queen.

    OT, I drilled my old e30 bumper shocks totally oblivious as to what could happen, without any protection, in the open, I got lucky.

    Just get euros people.
    I'm not usually that guy, but when I watch my friends do an oil change with only a jack I need to slap some knowledge into them. Not trying to watch people get crushed by a civic.

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      Did this on the '02 a month or two ago. Used a fair sized piece of cardboard, stuck the drill bit through that and didn't get hit at all.

      Safety glasses were on nonetheless.


        Great idea but glasses as you said are still a must


          Just did my rear bumper.
          1/4 inch bit cut open one end of plastic mike container. put shock in rage around the open end and drilled thru the plastic into the shock body a little spray then. Then i punched in the body actually pretty anti climatic. but man does that stuff stink.
          Did it in a garage the door wide open.
          glasses and a 3m dust mask still don't breath deep
          hit it and quite for a bit
          good luck
          Directly above the center of the Earth


            Did this tuck before reading this thread... Got shooken by the squirt that i gasped... bronchitis and sinus infection 2 days later. stuff is no B.S. wear a mask lol.


              Glad you are ok.