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5 Speed Swap Wiring - Plug & play w/ cruise control !!!

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    5 Speed Swap Wiring - Plug & play w/ cruise control !!!

    not really wanting to know how to splice the wires by the shifter to accept the 5 speed trans, but rather wondering if anyone else has just removed the entire automatic harness, and then gone with the plug and play method. my reason for doing it this way is because i would like the cruise control function to work.

    of course, this harness runs under the carpet 95% of the time so removing the carpet is more or less necessary.

    i found that half of the harness runs next to the ecu, and there is one black/green wire that connects to a blue/red wire.

    the other half runs under the tach. there is one plug (blue wire) that connects to a blue wire, the brown goes to the ground, a black wire that runs into the plugs to the left of the steering column (specifically the one with the red insert on the white socket, and a black yellow wire that connects to the black yellow wire plug on the harness. There are two relays on the harness, and those are just sitting there. as for the last two white plugs (one for the reverse and one for the neutral switch).

    i'm at home now, and i can't remember how those are, but i know that one is capped off and the other connects to something.

    will fill that little blank in tomorrow.

    at the center near the shifter, there is obviously that large connector that is to the auto shifter, and then if you look a little further you will see the appropriate blue and green wire connector to plug right onto the manual trans.

    i'll try to have some photos tomorrow as well to clear it all up if anyone doing a swap is interested.

    luckily i have a manual car, and an auto car to do a comparison, but since i'm not done yet, i should have some more info as to the success rate once i'm done.

    Im interested in your results since i have an auto--->5speed and my cruise doesnt work.


      I forgot to bring my camera with, but i will make sure to bring it with tomorrow.


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          If I ever get around to it, I'll write down what I did. I spliced a wire under the console, removed a relay, spliced the terminals, and have working cruise control. I didn't hook up the clutch switch because I don't use the clutch with the cruise on. And If I do, it's probably because it's an emergency, and I'm going 2 feet in, so the brake switch deactivates it anyway...
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            this requires no splicing, and no this and that. you remove the harness, the black yellow that connects to the harness goes into the connector i'll display, and the two switch connectors get hooked up. very simple as far as i can see.

            and here are some pictures.

            under the instrument cluster (usually under the OBC module box)

            blue violet to the green black.

            the other clutch switch wired in. probably the neutral switch.

            these brown wires go to ground.

            one of your clutch sensors capped off.

            black yellow to black yellow

            under the instrument cluster, just to the left of the steering column.

            by the trans, bottom right is the manual hookup

            as for that black green wire that goes up by the ecu, its to the left of it. you will see it. it connects to the blue red.

            in all reality you can more than likely hook up your clutch switches any way you like, but i remember the location of the switches put them in their spots.

            any questions, i'd be happy to answer.


              wait... so does it work?? did you remove the auto harness and add the manual? am i the only one confused by the last post?
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                It does work. this wiring setup came out of a good working order 5 speed car, and keep in mind that i have an airbag car, so to the clutch switches may look a little different.

                The funny thing is I could have sworn i would have to wire in a 5 speed harness, but the automatic car has a harness and the 5 speed car does not have a harness since it's "standard".

                Basically, remove the whole harness.

                the one catch is this.

                that black yellow wire that comes from the car (shown in black plug) connects in place of the (automatic's) harness's black wire.

                it goes here.

                that's it! it sounds odd since i wrote it the way i think, but that's the short of it. As for the two clutch switch plugs, there is one that comes from a large loom of wires from above, and i hooked that up to the top clutch switch, and there is another smaller harness, that runs along the bottom, and i hooked that up to the bottom switch.

                You are left with a blue and green wire plug that plugs right into the reverse wiring from the transmission.

                ask me questions if you have any.


                  I guess I'm just missing the purpose. Is this supposed to be easier? I spliced 2 sets of wires and was done, from what I remember. I connected 2 under the console and 2 under the dash. It could be done in 3-4 minutes. This seems like an all day project with the carpet removal and all...

                  Or does this add some sort of functionality? I guess it would be a "cleaner" mod, as you aren't splicing, although both splice points are fully hidden...
                  85 325e m60b44 6 speed / 89 535i
                  e30 restoration and V8 swap
                  24 Hours of Lemons e30 build


                    i guess i am missing the point too. I found a car that i want thats an auto and i want to do the swap right away and as oem as possible.

                    From the above posts it seems like.. all e30's are set up for manual. auto cars have an extra harness. Remove the auto harness and the manual stuff all still plugs into one another? and it was like the car was never auto. Is that right?

                    sorry for the confusion. I think you have some really good info here but it is lacking a lil explaination.
                    '15 Porsche GT3 - 7-speed PDK - Daily Driver
                    '86 325es - s54b32tu - 6-speed - Mtech 1
                    '89 325is - m20b25 - 5-speed - Individual


                      yes. you have it right. all cars are set up as manual but that harness is added to make it automatic. my last post should tell you what you need. that black yellow plug replaces the black plug that comes on the harness.


                        looks like a good winter project, I'd like to get cruise back on my car


                          Hi there,does anybody know where that neutral switch connector wires are going after in car,there bit of a problem at my wiring,i got a car who has manual g/box swapped in but i don't have that connector or wires nowhere in my car... maybe i can trace them?
                          I am talking about these,GN/YL GN/BK BL/WT


                            problem solved,fusable link was gone :)


                              After reading this and following up with my friend Derek, it took 5 mins to get the car started!!!! No Cutting, just plug and play. Just like the original post- your are going to disconnect the added auto harness- I left the 2 ground wire connected.. figured they werent gonna do anything.

                              *** USE THE OPs PICS for REFERENCE to find the harness and location***


                              The Auto Harness has 5 wires on it- 2 Brown, 1 Black with yellow stripe-connected to another black wire with yellow stripe via connector, 1 black( connected to ignition switch, 1 green with black stripe( this one may vary- older models might have 2)-connected to blue wire with brown stripe.

                              1st UNDO the AUTO HARNESS:

                              1) Unplug Blue wire with brown stripe connected to Green wire with black stripe.

                              2) UNplug black wire with YELLOW stripe connected to black wire with YELLOW stripe

                              3) Unplug black wire from ignition switch.

                              Now time time to make it all WORK:

                              1) Plug in black wire with YELLOW stripe into ignition switch where u pulled the black wire.

                              2) Unplug the harness that is plugged into the reverse plug-( This is located by the hole where the shifter comes thru)- then plug in your reverse plug from the trans into the plug that you just disconnected,.

                              3) Plug in the White Plug and is deleted to itself to the clutch switch on the pedal ( The White plug is the one that is deleted to its self with blue wire with red stripe)

                              YOU are now DONE!! Start your car!!

                              Everything works on my 91 vert, back up lights and cruise control good to go!!
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