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ZF S5D 320Z differences between the e36, e46 and e39??

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    ZF S5D 320Z differences between the e36, e46 and e39??

    Hi from New Zealand! :)

    I'm working on repowering my little 88 e30 coupe and had acquired a ZF 5-speed from an e39. However, after talking with a few in the know, there were some that suggested the gearing was different between these models? Being a n00b, it worried me after spending a pretty penny on the box (in short supply here in NZ).

    I found this thread, which talks about the physical characteristics of the bellhousing etc but I was wondering if anyone was able to share some wisdom re the gearing between these models and if I've made a rookie mistake in buying a box from the e39 :facepalm.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    I think they're all the same for fitment and gearing? The ratios from the Getrag boxes might occasionally be quoted as ZF ratios.

    I think the only difference is the ZF 310 for early production cars, which I think is only a different fluid spec (and maybe different synchro material?)
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