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Some Questions About MSPNP Gen 2

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    Some Questions About MSPNP Gen 2

    Looking to install megasquirt plug and play gen 2 on my car with a stock m20b25, but I've been confused about what I need to get with it. Some places it seems to say I need a new TPS, sensors, and other stuff, but then on the websites selling it, it says all I need is the MSPNP and the vacuum line to the internal MAP sensor. New to all of this, so any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.
    If it helps, my goal is to keep the stock airbox (can I do that with the MSPNP?) and then turbocharge it later in the summer once I have the funds.

    The M20 TPS is just an idle and WOT switch, it doesn't actually give throttle position. To use TPS based modifiers for fuel/timing, you need to switch to a variable TPS like an m50/m52/lots of other e36+ cars, and use some sort of adapter to mount it.

    MS needs an IAT sensor because it uses the MAP and IAT together instead of the AFM.
    The AFM has some sort of temp sensor inside of it, so to remove the AFM entirely (& replace it with an adapter to the stock airbox), the GM IAT sensor/connector they sell is the easiest way to keep IAT after the AFM is gone.

    Would also recommend a wideband o2 sensor/controller because the stock O2 sensor isn't going to help much with full throttle stuff
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      Not trying to give you a hard time or anything, but the learning curve with MegaSquirt is pretty steep. The biggest problem you're going to face is that it's hard to find any info on how to do exactly what you want since MegaSquirt can do just about anything, and there are multiple ways to achieve the same thing. You should do a bunch of reading before you jump in and start buying stuff.

      1. Figure out your end goal. (Turbo? Wasted Spark or distributor? Variable TPS tuning or not? IAC or not? MAF or MAP? Launch Control or Flat Shift? B&G or MS-Extra software? etc...)
      2. Read about how everything works
      3. Make a plan and include all the small details (where to get vacuum pressure? How to get all the sensor readings?)
      4. Buy stuff

      This post is a good place to start reading. It goes over how to build your own, but I also described a ton of the small details to think about and how to solve the little problems. There are links at the top to the MegaManuals for more reading about theory and implementation.

      Good luck!
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