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    Miller W.A.R. Machine

    Hey guys,

    We have spent a lot of time with the e34 chassis for the last couple years. But with both Dan's 535 @ 500 whp and my e34 @ 400 whp we just don't like driving them daily any more. So Dan started to fix up his e30 beater so he can daily drive that. I still need to find one though...

    This is the first of a few W.A.R. Machines:-).

    This little 325 is what we are "playing" with for the next couple months with some new and exciting products. Currently, this car is equipped with our MAF Conversion, our new Miller Smart fan (ECU controlled electric fan) our W.A.R. Chip and our Signature M20 HFE (high flow exhaust.)

    The car is quite the ripper, on our mustang dyno it is making 165 whp up from 140. There are HUGE gains under the peak numbers with all the new mods compared to stock too.

    Here is how the car sounds right now with the above mods.

    One of the cool things with the HFE, without a retune, the car lost huge power. It is sad to think that there are people out there sans W.A.R. Chip that may be putting a performance high flow exhaust on their car and spend some good money only to lose power! After touching up the tuning, we made all the torque and power back and then some!

    Here is a little graph showing the current power of the car, but also comparing the exhaust simply bolted on compared to before and after retuning it.

    Anyway, the car is going to get some olive drab paint soon as well as some other W.A.R. Themed mods to start the W.A.R. Fleet.

    Other mods so far - H&R Cup Kit for suspension and some light weight racing wheels we found on CL.

    sounds great, the bimmer straight 6 sound is incredible


      Very effing interesting.
      Thanks for posting.

      1991 325iS turbo


        Sounds like my car....

        Yes I'm srs...

        I still want your MAF kit tho...


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        try whacking parts of the motor with a wrench while yelling "YOU WANT SUMMA DIS? HUH?"
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        This is like a reverse build thread; it starts out nice and gets shitty.


          I like it.

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          Just imagine waking up and remembering you're Mexican.

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            M30 Throttle body and 3" intake tract

            We have been asked if a larger throttle body makes more power on an M20 a lot. We have always said the gains would be marginal at best.

            We decided to measure vacuum on the stock set up to see how restrictive everything was.

            Some popular arguments on the forums are "BMW designed the best intake box possible" or, "Aftermarket intakes make less power than stock." Our finding proved that the entire intake tract, air box included are a restriction when you start making more power than stock. While the vacuum isn't much, it still shows that the engine is having to suck hard enough that the "staw and box" in front of the throttle body is restrictive.

            At first, we machined an M30 throttle body adapter did a test, and nothing much changed. What does that mean? The throttle body isn't the restriction.

            The next thing we did was create a proper 3" intake tract with cold air, that sits down and behind the fog light away from the Rad's heat. We gained 6 WHP and the vacuum was significantly reduced.

            Naturally we thought we should test it with the stock air box and 3.0" intake tract. We modified the stock air box to accept our 3.0" MAF and it was now 3" from the box to the intake manifold. We lost 3 - 4 HP.

            Here is a dyno graph plotting the small but noticeable power gains, as well as the reduction in vacuum.

            Let's just see how much power a stock displacement M20 can make!


              Brody, impressive numbers. Did I ever get you a dyno sheet of my runs after the MAF?

              a couple vids below

     (at idle)

     (on the dyno)

     (at HMS with 14 year old driving, trying to chase a 700hp vette)
              Brian Jacobs



                [B]ORDER PARTS-


                  would love to see pics of this intake
                  1989 cirrisblau-metallic 325i


                    Originally posted by briansjacobs View Post
                    Brody, impressive numbers. Did I ever get you a dyno sheet of my runs after the MAF?
                    Cool videos! And I don't recall getting the dyno graphs. Would love to have them on hand though!


                      Good stuff. Any data on the early metal airbox that runs the larger e30 M3 sized filter?
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                        Brody, I think they were 180/175 at 90F. I will head over to the shop. Want to talk to you sometime about intake as I have 3" in a shielded box behind the headlights (removed)

                        also need to see the difference in filters on the dyno as we are also running a mustang. Amazing to see the power you are making compared to our stroker with compression and a 288.
                        Brian Jacobs


                          Great to see some good dyno charts and real research! I know I love my maf/war combo on the m30 swap, best money you can spend on bolt-on parts period.


                            Thanks for the positive comments guys! We have a couple more things to try... If we make 185 - 190 on stock displacement/compression I think we will ALL be laughing.


                              it would be very cool to see those kind of numbers, I am wondering what all the tweaking will do to the power band. What is AFR looking like, I did not see that on the graph.

                              We were making really good numbers on my car but the AFR was crazy, we tuned my for perfect AFR at WOT and were able to achieve 12.1-12.8 from 2500-6300 RPM. That to me was the best part of the WAR Chip.
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                              Brian Jacobs