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    MegaSquirt m10

    I would like to install MegaSquirt on my car, but I cannot figure out what I need for this, there are instructions for the M20, but there are no instructions for the M10, who can tell you where to start and what is required for this, or can you give me an introduction?

    Megasquirt has quite a severe learning curve, but the information is out there. I suggest you start here and read both the setup guide and then hardware guide cover to cover before asking for help. They will give you a relatively good overview of how data flows through the ECU and what sensors you need to make the engine run. Then you can get into the details of what is already implemented on your engine and how to make it work with MS.

    MS3base = without expansion card
    MS3X = with expansion card (extra I/O, built in IAC control, etc. I recommend this)
    V3.0 = DIY soldered board (most likely, this is the one you'll use)
    V3.57 = Production board
    Gold Box = I'd ignore this


      yer read the manual and start understanding what all the things mean.

      the easiest way i see it,

      - MS2 or microsquirt with a single ignition output to drive the oem coil
      - keep distributor, wire the output to the coil (make sure its setup to drive the coil, must have the chunky mosfet on that output). of you can use a bosch ignition module to drive the coil. either or.
      - lock the distributor, remove the vacuum and centrifugal advance mechanisms.
      - figure out a way to get a signal to the ecu for each ignition event. (figure out what sensor is in the oem dizzy, im pretty sure its electronic, so would be VR or similar)
      -wire the two MS2 injection outputs to the opposite injectors 1/4, 2/3 (check impedence)
      -put in a GM air temp sensor in the airbox of known calibration (or calibrate it yourself)
      -Figure out the resistance vs temperature curve of the oem coolant temp sensor and use that. or fit a known temp sensor with known calibration curve.
      -buy a decent wide band o2 sensor with a guage and a 0-5v output and wire to MS2
      -figure out a way to get a variable TPS onto the m10.

      and to wire it all up, buy a heap of wire, some new bosch connectors and some loom wrap and wire it all as per the megasquirt manual.

      That should make it work. I did something very similar on an old suzuki sierra (suzuki samurai in usa, little 4wd). worked good.

      ok go!
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        My biggest challenge was getting a reliable crank signal. Ultimately I went with a premade design, but the factory crank pulley with ac and power steering removed would have worked OK. Using an EDIS 36-1 wheel you'd have to machine the pulley on a lathe down to size. After, weld the pulley back together, because the pulley will come apart when cut to the size an interference fit EDIS trigger wheel needs. You can then attach the trigger wheel and mock up a sensor to read it. You can then delete your dizzy and run whatever you'd like.

        TPS is not needed for the simplest install. You can design an adapter for a TPS or a plate for a different throttle body with TPS.

        I don't recommend using the factory distributor because of its tendency to not be reliable in my experience. The timing is limited and in well-worn applications it can destroy rotor buttons from hard launches. Yet to know if this is from hitting the battery or just from a poor design(or worn bearings!). Moreover, removing your reliance on the distributor allows you to run any m10 cam, since the b18 distributor drive is not the same as 2002 m10s.
        '84 318i M10B18 | 93whp/90ftlbs | 147- Safari Beige | MS2E w/ LC, 2-Step


          Yer I would agree with the comments on the dizzy, but i believe it will work and would be the cheaper option to get started. The timing will probably be +/- a few degrees....but its a significant improvement over vacuum and mech advance.

          The 36-1 wheel would be the go, then run a wasted spark ignition system. But as you mention there is some fabrication to be done there.

          I personally would try and fit a TPS from the get go. Proper acceleration enrichment as well as the ability to tune stuff based on tps makes a world of difference to an old engine. Even over run fuel cut is worth while to save a bit of fuel when you can.


            I agree 100%. Although you can have overrun fuel cut without a TPS. I don't think you can do engine states, though.
            '84 318i M10B18 | 93whp/90ftlbs | 147- Safari Beige | MS2E w/ LC, 2-Step


              I did a complete writeup on Megasquirting my '75 2002 that was a carbureted M10; I'd suggest you read that guide through top to bottom and it'll probably cover everything needed for the newer E30 M10 as well, just with a little less of the hardware upgrades that were needed for me:

              Oh and as for ignition, the best/easiest way is to use Ford EDIS with Megasquirt and use this pulley with the EDIS trigger wheel from Tom at 02again:
              Now the caveat is this is a single pulley and your E30 might have more than one belt. But no E30 should ever have power steering anyway, so that's a non-issue, but giving up A/C might be a harder sell. If this is the case, I'd suggest just emailing Tom and asking him about it. He'd probably be happy to sell you just the trigger wheel for you to mount on to your old pulley or something. Oh and you can also get that nissan TPS adapter from him too if you want ;)
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       Here is the post I made a long time ago for my 84 m10b18 there wasn't much out there then and now so hope this helps some. I'm making my own custom harness and using the ms2 to control my coil. I also had a custom adapter plate for a T.P.S I just removed the original throttle switch and put the sensor in it's place