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M10 Timing issues

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    M10 Timing issues

    Due to the lack of not having a repair manual I am relying on alldata for my information.

    I have a 1984 bmw 318i, 3 years ago I went around a corner and my battery ran into my distributor killing my car (bent the distributor rod).

    I soon after bought a new distributor but the lack on timing information I couldnt get it right.

    I would set my crank pulley mark to the dowel and would check the mark on the flywheel to determine TDC. I then would run my spark plugs from the very top 1-3-4-2. if i try to start my car at this point she basically doesnt wanna crank... i advance the timing slightly and she cranks over but isnt fully happy..

    I eventually get her running and shes running at idle which made me happy.. got her up to operating temps. I then decided I would pull the vacuum advance but to not let it choke itself out id clamp off the vacuum line.

    well... as soon as i disconnected the line she sputtered and died..

    I thought no big deal ill just fire her right back up since it was timed enough to idle..

    well now when i try to turn it over it puffs white smoke out my intake..
    and pops..

    I assumed i was close enough because she was idling that there is no way I was that far out.. but now that i start it i feel like i am.. but why would it have idled but now wants to blow white smoke out the intake... im at a loss with this and about to light it on fire haha...

    picture of my car for fun:

    buy a timing light.

    set it to tdc #1, then try aligning
    the rotor with the line on the distributor,
    where the cap sits.
    If there's no line, set the rotor to align with the cap tower for #1,
    then look to see if the reluctor arms underneath are aligned, and make them so.

    That'll start, especially if you advance it a bit, then a bit more once it catches.

    Then use your timing light to get the bb visible in the window on the bellhousing.

    now, sometimes I just mess with people. It's more entertaining that way. george graves


      Make sure you did not blow any vacuum hoses off when cranking. Did it backfire at all?