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Car dies when revving

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    Car dies when revving

    I have a 1986 BMW 325 with about 137,000 miles. I replaced the spark plugs, fuel pump/fuel filter, in-tank fuel pump, alternator and battery. I just got the car started again after a few months.(It had a bad alternator so the car would not start.)
    I drove it with no problems the other day. Now I am having a similar problem like the one before the alternator went bad. I go to start the car and it starts and I let it idle for about 5 minutes and I go to rev it and it wants to turn off. If I rev it high enough it'll shut off. I then try to start it again, engine turns over but will not turn on. I am not sure what the problem is anymore.

    *Key notes*

    I can hear the inline fuel pump under the car on the driver side when I turn the key, so I know the fuel pump is working.

    Just cause you can hear the pump running doesn't mean it's good. It could be overheating and that's why it shuts off.

    Try this. Let it idle for a minute, then floor it so it dies. Try cranking it for 30 seconds. Pull the spark plugs. Are they wet or dry? If they're wet, pull the fuel fuse (#11) and then have a friend crank while you hold the removed spark plug in the wire near the chassis. Does it spark?

    If you have fuel and spark then it's probably an air calculation issue. Either the AFM, the temp sensor, or the DME could be at fault.
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        Mine engine is doing the same thing. Once it warms up it does much better. I am pretty sure it is the fuel pressure regulator. Have fuel coming out of the vac. hose that is attached to
        the regulator.
        Let me know what you find out on your car.


          Are you getting any check engine light if so get it scanned
          looks like you check a lot already
          My guess (not a professional)

          possibly the Throttle Position Sensor or even the 02 sensor (80 dollars at auto zone)
          or something easier like a loose wires grounds, (TPS plugged into the CPS harness they are the same on mines)

          Good Luck
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