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Swapping in newer M42 and need a few pointers

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    I'm reading everywhere that you need the correct clutch kit for the OEM single mass, because if you have a single mass flywheel with the clutch kit intended for the dual mass, there will be a lot of chatter and it won't be as smooth. Problem is, I can't find a clutch kit that I'm certain will work well with the OEM single mass. My assumption is that any kit with a sprung clutch disc will work but there seems to be a lot of vagueness regarding the differences.

    EDIT: Regarding the timing system, I'm going to check the condition of the gears and such on the blown motor, and potentially swap some components over if they're in better condition. I haven't had a chance to take the timing cover off the new motor, so I'm still not sure on the condition of the rest of the timing system. I should hopefully have some pictures of the old motor up sometime this weekend.
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      Well I have no pictures to show of the old motor unfortunately, however I did get a chance to look at it this weekend and it looks like the gears are in just as bad shape if not worse than the other ones. Fair enough since that motor had at least 300000km on it.. Chances are a new timing component kit will be coming my way in the future.