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Clutch will NOT bleed!!!

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    Clutch will NOT bleed!!!

    I have done every method I can think of! I bought this 325i with a known bad master cylinder.

    Replaced just the master cylinder as it was included and that got the car running but my clutch released just off the floor. So I decided to pony up and buy a slave cylinder too.

    The new slave cylinder never made a difference.

    I have reverse bleed, pressure bleed, gravity bleed, removed the slave and forced the piston back in all the way and nothing gives a firm pedal.

    Please let me know what worked for you cause I'll give it a shot. If I can't get's going to our local indy shop who I like but I hate to admit defeat.


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    The bleed screw being on the bottom makes it tricky. There's a jig that allows you to bleed it off the tranny. I'm thinking a clamp and a piece of wood would work too. If you get pressure with it in the C-clamp then your clutch fork is likely broken, otherwise you blew the seals in the master or slave.
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