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    Redline MTL Question

    So I recently changed my manual trans fluid and differential fluid with redline MTL in the trans and redline 75w90 in the diff. I read a thread (which I cant find now) that said they used two FULL bottles for the trans and under 2 for the diff. My car is an '87 325IS, but my trans barely took 1.5 bottles before it started spewing out. Now cold shifts are much better (what I was trying to fix), but its still really notchy, if not notchier than before, at operating temperature. Are you supposed to overfill it or was I right to stop once it started coming back out?


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    Originally posted by kronus
    would be in depending on tip slant and tube size


      Once it starts pouring out your good.


        By the book, a 325 takes 1.25L in the transmission and 1.7L in the diff. If you're pouring out more than 2 L, you're doing something wrong.

        If the car is level, there should be a small trickle coming out without the fill plugs in. Or stick your finger in the hole. If you can feel oil at or just below the threads, you're good.
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          I usually manage to get 1.5 qts into the trans.

          That works.

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