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M62B44,M60B40 heads & cams, Eaton M112 (now with NOS)

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    Originally posted by dmjensen View Post
    ...If you still have the M60 short block and want to measure the pin location on the piston and the deck height, I can do the same with M62 that is torn down still....

    Afraid I don't have the M60 anymore otherwise I'd be happy to measure some stuff, maybe someone else here has one torn down and can grab measurements ?


      A few updates on the T project:

      After a hiatus I'm back at it. Losing one shop space, putting everything into storage, a brutal winter and now a new shop space. I'm happy to report there's more getting done and the car build appears to be on track:


        Oh man it's looking good.


          Subscribed. I don't know how I missed this build before today.
          How to remove, install or convert to pop out windows

          Could be better, could be worse.


            Plugging along.

            Driveshaft safety loop & anti-roll bar install on the rear:

            In-tank EFI pump, fuel level sending unit. Made hard lines & braided lines with AN fittings for the send and return.

            Made the skeleton to mount the steering gearbx for the cowl steering. Still need to gusset, brace & support the arm

            Finish sectioning the grill to the proper height for the shortened grill insert.

            The body panels are currently away for paint. So I'm tackling other small projects.

            Once the steering gear was hund the upside down M3 manifolds pointed directly at the steering arm. So I started exploring other header options. The M60 world for headers is very limited and/or too expensive. So I'm started looking at other engines that have similar cylinder spacing, exhaust port spacing and similar flanges that can bolt down with modification. I've found a series of Ford engines that match the BMW engine specs close enough to work, here is a set of 2011-2014 Mustang 5.0 headers, flipped upside down naturally.

            The passenger side fits beautifully. The drivers side, not so much. It sits a bit wonky, won't clear the side of the body and of course the tubes line directly up with the steering arm.

            I've got a few more options on the way to try out before frankensteining my own drivers side header together using tubes from the headers that didn't fit.

            That's where I'm currently at. I'm getting ready to start wiring the project and the EFI/Engine in next couple weeks. Of course I'm highly anticipating the return of the painted body pieces.