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M62B44,M60B40 heads & cams, Eaton M112 (now with NOS)

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    M62B44,M60B40 heads & cams, Eaton M112 (now with NOS)

    Hey guys, wanted to share a few pics of my most recent project. M62B44 shortblock, M60B40 heads and cams, M60B40 timing gears and chains. Jaguar XJ8 Eaton M112 Supercharger with intercoolers/intake manifolds and injectors.

    It's a slow build, a long term project I'm piecing together over the winter and buying one piece at a time as finances allow.

    The M62B44 shortblock:

    The junk yard M60B40 to donate it's heads & misc hardware.

    The Jaguar Eaton M112 supercharger:

    Now to begin measuring, specs and work.

    First I measured the combustion chamber volume of the M60B40 heads:

    I found there to be roughly 50cc of volume in the chambers.

    Next I needed to see how far out of the hole the pistons sit @ TDC of the M62:

    I was noticing I was getting different readings depending where on the piston top I measured from. I found the M62 pistons to have a slight dish to them, if I would slide the dial indicator from one side to the other following the wrist pin the pistons measured further above deck at the edge and then would taper closer to deck height in the middle and than back out again towards the other edge.

    I needed to measure this volume in the piston dish:

    I found there to be roughly 4cc of volume in the piston tops.

    The only MLS head gaskets I could find available for the M62B44 is 1.74mm thick. So now I have enough information to calculate compression ratio:

    ...not quite the 11:1 compression that most believe the M60 heads on M62 block to produce. But it's good news for me using the supercharger.

    One issue I've been advised to address is the smaller coolant port for bank 2 underneath the valley pan:

    That's where I am currently with the engine, a friend wanted to see a rough mock up of the engine once it's together. I was happy to oblige:

    I plan to send the heads out for a clean up, valve & seat dress and I'm considering installing new hydraulic lifters/cam followers as I know they tend to get noisy with high mileage.

    For the exception of the cam gears and cam timing chains the crank gear, idler, double roller chain, guides and tensioner will all be new.

    Now we can discuss the plans for engine management:

    For years now I've been studying the Motronic M3.3 code of the 404 DME, pulling apart and identifying maps. I've come a long way and have pushed this platform as far as I believe it can go. But it just doesn't have the flexibility and total control over the engine that I want. To many variables and mysteries in the Motronic platform, not to mention it doesn't have a direct way of referencing boost.

    I've made the decision to move to a standalone EFI system, my choice is called Speeduino. An Arduino based board that uses TunerStudio software for tuning, the same software used for MegaSquirt.

    The Speeduino has 4 injector controls and 4 coil logic outputs. Meaning the V8 will be wired and run in waste spark and semi-batch fire injection. The board has a built in 0kpa-250kpa MAP sensor and the system will be set up to run Speed Density.

    The car is currently running with it's original M60B40 using the 404DME. My plan is to make the conversion in steps. 1st step will be to convert to waste spark using cylinders 1-4 coil outputs, going to an MSD DIS-4 and two waste spark ignition coils mounted on the firewall.

    Once the vehicle is running waste spark on the original DME, I plan to mount the Speeduino inside a gutted DME case wired up to the original DME harness.

    Then tune the Speeduino to run the current N/A M60B40 in the car.

    Finally will be installing the supercharged M62 in the car and begin tuning for boost.

    ...this is my plan, we'll see how far I get. Cheers -Mykk
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    I really can’t wait to see this come together.

    OBDI M62B44/6 swap
    Transaction feedback
    - jpod999


      Thank you, me too. It's already been more expensive then I anticipated. The end result seems so far away with a mountain of tasks in the way to accomplish. But it'll get there, eventually.


        Will follow this thread surely!
        Mtech1 v8 build thread -

        OEM v8 manual chip or dme -


          Certainly looks interesting!


            This looks really promising good luck!
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              Makes me want to calculate my compression ratio on my 302 :p Bet it's not even close to that


                I’ve been planning something similar, is this going into an e30?

                How do you thin your fitment will be with the pulley of the snout and the good? What about the throttle body and the firewall?

                This should be a crazy awesome build though, keep all the pictures coming!

                Ps. What headers are those?



                  kind of excited about the super charger. i assume that is from an engine in the ford era?

                  i wonder what that would be like on an s62....
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                  Gigitty Gigitty!!!!

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                    I started this build with the intention to replace the tire & old M60B40 in my E34 540i/6:

                    ..and it may end up in this car for a while. But the car is equally old & tired. I do dream of putting the 540i/6 drivetrain in an E30. Or even go way left field and put it in an open fender rat rod roadster.

                    Originally posted by dmjensen View Post
                    ...What headers are those?
                    Those are E46 M3 S65 exhaust manifolds. The cylinder spacing is perfect for the M6x, the ports and flanges are too but a few of the flanges need to be re-clocked to bolt up to the M60 heads. There is a high chance they won't even fit in the body of the car.
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                      I've registered the car for a drag event at the end of January in Tucson Az (215 miles from me). The Roadkill Zip-Tie drags, something I've been wanting to do for a while.

                      I was hoping to have the new Speeduino system up and running & tuned in time, but that doesn't appear to be realistic in that time frame. So instead I'll run the car with the 404DME running a slightly modified version of the Alpina B10 tuning.

                      I do want to go in and re-time my cams before the event, right now I've got the intake cams -6 degrees retard from factory spec and exhaust on factory spec. Hoping for some more higher RPM pull. Instead it just took away too much everywhere. I'm considering +4 degrees intake & factory exhaust. More compression & more overlap. I attempted this once before using just a dial indicator and couldn't get it just right. Now I'm equip'd with the M60 timing blocks and can set the crank angle where I want it and align things via the blocks.

                      I also want to wire in the MSD DIS-4 and mount the two waste spark coils, then make the ignition leads to each cylinder.


                        . Or even go way left field and put it in an open fender rat rod roadster.
                        ^^^^^ this
                        My CA legal M60 swap

                        The happening in our garage


                          Awesome work so far.
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                            Originally posted by Mykk540i/6 View Post
                            Those are E46 M3 S65 exhaust manifolds. The cylinder spacing is perfect for the M6x, the ports and flanges are too but a few of the flanges need to be re-clocked to bolt up to the M60 heads. There is a high chance they won't even fit in the body of the car.
                            I hope they do fit for you, they look awesome. They also look like equal length so good performance gains ;)

                            Are you using Toolman’s kit to mount the super charger? I’ve been in touch with him about buying one but I think the blower setup I’m going to use won’t bolt to it so I’ll just fab up my own.


                              Originally posted by dmjensen View Post
                              Are you using Toolman’s kit to mount the super charger?
                              Yes, he's got them made and waiting to ship out..just waiting on my final payment, I just need to recoup the holidays financial blow.