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    Looking for an ideal sound

    Hello Gents, so the E30 refresh is almost done. Darn near every replaceable part that serves a purpose, has been replaced! Now im looking ahead, and I want to bring the best symphony i can from the little gem. I do not care to add power, or anything of that matter, The car is a pure enough experience as it stands for my style, but I do want advice and experienced opinions on bringing out that glorious sound, not only from the rear, but under the hood as well. Any ideas are welcome apart from "just cut the muffler off and straight pipe it" ;)

    I will tell you my current setup and I am sure you will hear similar from other members as well. I am running a Magnaflow high flow cat 94008 straight to a Magnaflow 14815. I really do like the sound. It is not loud enough for me. It sounds great from behind the car and I can hear it in the house when the car is warming up. My car is about 20 feet from the house. It is very quiet inside the car.

    My favorite setup was when the muffler broke off due to construction and it was a running the late model cat with the resonator built in, it ended at the axle. I like loud though.

    With that being said. There will still be people to comment on the Scorpion, Supersprint and Borla exhaust setups too. Which a fully support too. I would suggest YoutTube some videos, but it is never the same. It can only give you an idea.

    All feedback was in regards to an m20 engine too.
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      Is this the sound you're after?
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