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Reservoir Power Steering hoses

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    Reservoir Power Steering hoses

    Just want to confirm before doing this job. I am replacing the reservoir and would like to change the hose as I am pretty sure there is a tiny leak somewhere between those two items.

    Can I use a generic power steering hose (eg. with regular hose clamps and I will be good?

    Or do I need to get one of the special lines as seen here, #12, on RealOEM that doesn't have a clamp at the bottom?

    Also anyone know of the hose size or is that generic across the board?

    Sadly the pictures are dead in this thread, but it should have the info you need to harvest the fittings and use regular power steering hose for the low pressure lines:

    I don't remember what diameter hose is needed, but don't go larger or it will leak (ask me how I know...)
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