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    Originally posted by jbontke View Post
    These wheels came on the car and I cannot find any identifying markings. Any help is appreciated. 16x8 and I measured about ~5" of backspacing. I am not sure what number is the offset.

    I'll answer my own question, the wheel is an XXR 501 16x8 with +15 offset.


      Originally posted by E30Brad View Post
      Anyone try these Corsa GT Steelies yet? They look like they might clear the calipers in the front, but F@#$ if i know. I'm not trying to space the hell out of steelies again. Thanks. 16x8 5.00" back spacing 4x100 in photos.

      So, I absolutely love the appearance of these wheels and I think it fits perfectly with the balance of aesthetics usefulness I'm trying to achieve with my E30. The reason why is I have a diving board '91 cabrio and instead of trying to change the bumpers and whatnot, I want to embrace the late-80's utilitarian clunkiness off the car. Keep the diving boards, keep the fogs, keep the front license plate, nothing flashy or slick.

      The problem I have with these wheels is what's been stated before: they're too damn heavy. I plan on auto-x'ing the cabrio as an almost bone stock machine (lowered, though) and I don't want to add all the extra weight to swing around.

      Does anyone know of another source of wheels that are like this, classic and utilitarian but also slick looking, that don't weigh more than the unsprung mass of 10 dead stars?


        Originally posted by wworm View Post

        Been searching for too long trying to find out what these are. Any ideas?

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        those wheels are kamei borbets they came with the kamei kit I believe in the 80s or early 90s I have a set on my car currently


          Hoping I can find some information about these. Listed as:

          AMIL 7x15 4x100 Offset ET26

          Also listed as Amil Gamma in an ad (the black car, not mine). I tried looking for them extensively elsewhere with no luck. Any ideas?


            Quick searching found almost nada on Gammas, but Stinnes, also by Amil were another 4x100 offering in a similar offset. Pretty sure Amil is long gone, and I vaguely recall some French connection in the Peugeot/Citroen community, so you may find more if you search in other than English.