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    I came across this on TireRack today. Some "test" results which included the Yoko Advan Flevas:


      Originally posted by roguetoaster View Post
      The Sporttracs are okay DD all season tires that are biased towards colder weather use, but they're pretty nice overall. In 195 60 I've driven Kumho Sense- meh GT tire; Altimax RT43- better GT tire but not great; Cooper Weathermaster ST2s- not good in snow/ice, competent but wobbly elsewhere; and Falken RT615Ks- cheapish warm weather rubber only, cycles out fast on the street.
      I think this post may be referring to the Vredestein 'Quatrac 5'. The Sportrac 5 is a summer tire (Tirerack lists them as high performance summer). I just bought a set and really like them. Good wet and dry grip, smooth breakaway characteristics, quiet, and good uniformity. If you don't want to go with a no-compromise, extreme performance tire like the Falken RT615K, and you don't need an all-season, they're great. I hope they are still available in the U.S. when I need another set.