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How does the touring handle compared to 2dr/4dr?

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    How does the touring handle compared to 2dr/4dr?

    Looks like the touring is 90 kg heavier than the sedan, which seems a lot. How does it drive relative to the other models? Weight balance? Steering feel? Does the M20 feel weaker hauling around that extra weight?

    I personally don't really notice a difference between my 325ix and my dads 325ixt. But I don't get to the two that often anymore.
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      I've sampled three flavors of E30 tourings, stock, H&Rs/Bilsteins & stock/rear SLS. The stock one felt most like a stock E30 and is enjoyable for those attributes. The second option felt soft and a bit more predisposed to under steer vs. my daily (H&R/Bisteins/big OE ARBs). The third was sort of a pitch it in, wait a beat or two and then the rear end would overcompensate, almost as of the center of the car were a slow reacting torsion bar.

      Be aware that condition of bushings, tires, and differing days/road conditions all color impressions. As far as I can recall I never drove the same stretch of road in the same manner with sedan/touring back to back.

      That said, other than looking awesome in window reflections while driving you'd nearly forget that you are in a wagon. The thing that clues you in first is the noisy/boomy cabin and strange distance to the rear window in the rear view mirror.

      As to the feeling of weight, I don't know as my tourings had an M40, M20B20 and M21. Therefore no real comparison could be made to my M42 318i/is. Is the weight noticeable if you think about it, yes. Does it make the car less fun, or handicap it on road in any other way, no, as far as I am concerned.


        My M40 318iT weighed 2680lbs

        front: 1300lbs
        rear: 1380lbs

        It's a front-mid engined supercar!
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          There's hardly any more weight than a similarly optioned out E30 sedan. The difference is under 100 pounds.

          The weight distribution is almost 50/50, so there's more weight in the back than on a 2 door or 4 door. You need stiffer springs in the back compared with a 2 door or 4 door, to deal with the extra weight, which a lot of it is also past the rear axle.

          Other than the interior being noisier, since there's no wall between you and the rear end, you don't notice it's different. It basically drives like any other E30, but has tons of storage space.


            There’s a slight bit more weight in the rear because of the aerodynamic of a long roof, but the overall balance is pretty much the same.

            Bilstein sport suspension setup (springs and shocks), which we’ve ran on street cars before, and it felt the same when pushing it hard in the corners.

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              With the added weight all being high and to the rear, physics dictate that it would increase rolling momentum. A firmer sway bar would likely offset much of that.
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                touring has a fatter rear sway.
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