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'88 528e with snapped timing belt. Clean CA car

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    '88 528e with snapped timing belt. Clean CA car

    Hey, Im helping a friend find a home for his car. He has owned it for 7 years and overall taken good care of it... until the timing belt snapped.

    General Stats:
    -Cirrusblau paint, good condition other than paint on trunk fading
    -Mtech rear spoiler
    -A/C & all interior locks, switches, etc function as they should
    -Power window & Sunroof function
    -Uncracked Dash
    -New Shocks
    -Newer BBS replica wheels and newer tires
    -Leather is a little dried up inside, but overall good interior

    *** I am tempted to help him fix it and resell, because I have a WOT-tech 885 cylinderhead with 272 cam and new rockers, the 1.3 motronic wiring harness, 525 ecu and almost everything to get this into a proper SuperEta conversion, but he just wants to move on. I can fix it myself and re-sell, but have enough headaches of my own. Will sell the parts separately for $2k. I figure the car is worth about $6k if all the work is done***

    $2500 as-is for the car with Clean CA title in owners name

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