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    e34 s62 build

    Hey guys, so I am getting ready to take care of a few things on my 1994 540i auto. As of now not a bolt has been removed from the car.

    So, s62 swap... I want an s62 e34 as a dream car and I found an s62 from a guy who parts out wrecked e39 m5's. I asked him how much, he gave back a good price so I bought it. Now I'm committed >:] The initial plan was an m60/m62 hybrid as my #6 cylinder has low compression along with a 6 speed conversion.

    So what's been done, I have an s62 in my garage now. Forgive the quality, I did not bring a real camera.

    As a more complete plan the car I have an s62, the 6 speed from the same car, and its ecu. I will have the ecu reprogrammed to remove the ews and other system that will not interface with the e34 chassis. That being said, I am not grabbing the e39 gauge cluster or other interior components. As part of getting the ecu reprogrammed, it will be made to work with the e34 hardware with an adapter harness. Being a 94 540i auto, I have an open diff. That will need to change but I only need the internals. The 540i auto already has 3.15 gears like the e39 m5 so any e21, e32, e34 large case diff will work as at most I will just gut it for the internals. I do want to investigate if the internals of an e39 large case lsd will work. If so, I can just grab the internals from the same person I got the engine from so I can have a matching diff.

    The driveshaft will just be cut and balanced. I'm not gonna go through the process of finding an e34 6 speed driveshaft.

    The suspension is currently on H&R springs and stock everything else. I will be changing that to coil overs. I haven't decided which yet but I want adjustable damping ones. I have that on my e30 and I love it. Ideally, I will grab springs softer that the H&R with stiffer sway bars. I am not positive with that idea but that logic is coming from my experiences with my e30. Either way, more research will happen later when I am ready to work on that part.

    The e34 exhaust should bolt right up but... mine is full of holes and rust sooooooooo.... ima build one. I have a friend who knows how and wants to weld. Annoyingly, finding performance headers for v8 e34s is stupid expensive (for what I found) so I'll mock up a set and build it.

    Brakes will be fairly simple. I will grab 8 series front brakes and get a good set of pads and rotors.

    The wheels are e38 m-pars with continental tires.

    After that there will just be minor things to check/fix/do like fix the HVAC, auto to manual conversion, rust repair/body work, seals, etc...

    That's where I'm at. Have any ideas or advice feel free to submit them and I will be updating this thread as progress is made.

    This is awesome, good luck with the build. Any pictures of the E34?

    As for advice, do any gaskets or work like that while the motor is on your floor. Rear main, front main, timing guides, etc. It will take longer and be more expensive but you'll thank for yourself when it's reliable.

    Looking forward to updates


      Yeah I can go find my pictures of the e34. It's an oxford green with a tan interior as a quick fyi.

      This was a year ago back when I bought the car

      And definitely was planning to get the seals on the s62 while I have it on the engine stand. Might as well while it is easy to do.


        Quick update. Got the engine on a stand and got confirmation that seals need to be changed :)

        Oil by the plugs


          neat project
          24v swapped


            it will fit like its made to be there. cant wait to see it!


              Sexy motor! This will be an awesome car when it's done.
              AWD > RWD


                A week later

                Hey guys a quick Saturday night update.

                The motor is on an engine stand now and much has been removed. By far the hardest part has been removing coolant lines. They are so old and crusted they fused to the engine. I'll be cleaning those later. I did need some tools to continue and they actually arrived about an hour ago.

                Front: Fun fact, that fan clutch destroyed the pin I was using to hold the pully. I will be changing the water pump and fan clutch anyway (fan clutch isn't doing too hot) so I might cut it off to get the pulley

                I can see the bottom :D

                Specifically today I started working on the e34 itself. The exhaust is out, most of the electronics, bumper, radiator, and more. The computer box on the passenger side and stripped screw so I ordered a tap and die to get it out. That'll come Monday so the harness won't be fully disconnected until then. I took off the intake for the sake that it is easy and it makes it easier to lift the engine.

                I want to remove the front brace off the car as it will make it easier to pull but this is only a v8 so idk if that is required or even necessary. I still need to see how hard it will be to take the front apart.

                Here is how it looks now:

                The next step is to finish getting the car ready to have the engine removed and keep taking apart the s62 now that I have some more tools. My goal is to have the m60 out next Saturday. Maybe then I can start mocking those headers afterwards ;)

                That's where I'm at. If you have any advice for the front end whether that is necessary or not let me know. I really want to not damage anything while pulling the m60.


                  removing the front clip would make it a hell of a lot easier. engine and trans would roll straight out. to get the front clip out, though, you have to remove the radiator, PS lines and AC lines, and wiring, etc. you be the judge on which is more annoying.


                    Can I have your old water pump?
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                      Originally posted by Eric View Post
                      Can I have your old water pump?
                      Maybe. It depends if I free the fan clutch from the motor. It seems like it has never been removed from the motor or at least the water pump. Even then, the water pump probably has never been changed (I'll verify later in the service records) with a 99k mileage motor.


                        I don't need it to be working to be clear!
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                          Wow. Fast. New tires for the wheels already, too?!
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                            I don't need it to be working to be clear!
                            Noted. The water pump should be off pretty soon then. Are you rebuilding it? If so, I am interested.


                              Did some more work

                              Hey, another update for the s62. I took a few hours on Sunday to finish getting the intake and most of the coolant system out along with a few more accessories.


                              and an empty valley :)

                              I forgot to get a picture of the next part. Out of curiosity I took off the passenger side valve cover to check how much gunk was in the heads. It was dirty but not the worst I have seen by a country mile. UnFoRtUnAtElY, I saw a couple of intake lobes with a nice large healthy patch of rust on them of which I of course forgot photograph. The cam is by no means dead, it will just have to be smoothed out very carefully. I'll post a picture tomorrow night so you guys can see what I'm on about. My biggest worry is whether I should remove the cam and if so do I need to re calibrate vanos. My current assumption is yes but I will do some research before acting on a decision.

                              If worst case I have to re calibrate vanos for the cams, I will probably end up using that as an excuse to pull the heads and rebuild the bottom end with new bearings because s62 </3 rod bearings.