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    I have driven lot of Zs old and new all the way up to the 370Z these cars are just as fun as a E30 just a different type of feedback from the road


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      Originally posted by RUFFLZ View Post
      wagons are cool.
      I've only driven 510 coupe/sedans tho.
      I have heard however, that you lose the toss-ability with the wagons from the weight out back.
      unmolested 510's are hard super fucking hard to find, especially with minimal rust.
      In terms of fetching $$ premiums, it goes; coupe>sedan>>>>>>>>>wagon
      I say, drive it and see how you like it, they're all pretty rad.
      I'm always looking out for that 1-owner, 80 year old fart owned 510 coupe ha
      Yeah, I'd take any 510. But still, a trade would be risky.


        E36 ms arent hard to find. A good condition 240z is very hard to find. Would do it in a heart beat

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          I like the car but, if it's not a leisure/weekend vehicle, I wouldn't do it.

          There's a cherry 72' 240z, original 66k miles here in cali., everything including the recaros/enkei 92s are mint and in working condition.
          The owner wants $15k for it but, I just don't see it.

          Keep the e36 M, you got comfort, speed and a semi cool looking car.
          If it had a Viper motor swap, willwood bbk, reinforced frame, e30 sports seats and RSs.....then yes, you'd be a fool not to do it.
          @IRON-E30 aka Edwin:D


            yeah, im not going to do it. if the car were closer, i'd definitely go see/drive it.

            its funny how rare they are versus an e36 m3, yet worth less. i've had some people sniffing around my m3 in the past few days so i think i'll hold out for a sale.

            thanks for the advice!
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              That 240 is really nice, but I'd rather keep the m3 for something more well worth it. You can't even find 240z parts often.
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