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I do not like 'new' BMWs

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    Originally posted by djjerme View Post
    ...what about the Miata. That is purely an enthusiast car, and has managed to remain mostly true to that audience.

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    I also think Mazda can get away with it because, for one its a cheaper car, two its not practical so most are buying it as a second or third car, and three its not their bread and butter.

    The production numbers havent hit more then 10,000 annually since 2008 and it has come down significantly since they hey days of 30,000 units in the early 1990s so they have taken a hit for not adapting, Mazda doesnt seem to care.

    Im not saying BMW cant do it but the 3 series is what keeps the lights on for BMW at over 140,000 cars sold annually, they would have to do it with another model.
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