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Car of the Month: April 2010

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    Car of the Month: April 2010

    Hey guys, this month we get to have Gregslow318i's E30 with an M60 swap! This thing is sick guys, so thank Greg.

    Factory options:
    ac, cruse, pwr windows/locks oh and 4 doors.

    Color: schwarz

    Interior color: schwarz

    Engine modifications: all stock m60b40 from a 1995 540i/6, except dinan stage 1 tuning 254.1 hp and 265.18tq @ the rear wheels of emission passing daily driven goodness

    Exhaust: custom 4 into 1 headers (2) to dual 2.5 to a magnaflow tru-x muffler w/2 hi flow cats

    Transmission: getrag S6S 420G

    Differential: s2.93

    Suspension: front e36 m3 front 5lug, rear 1994 318ti, bilstein hd w/mz3 H&R race

    Wheels: summer staggered ds2, winter ds1

    Exterior modifications: is rear wing, smiley Frenchies, rear fog

    Interior modifications:
    ashtray gauge pod w/oil psi, oil temp and water temp

    Story behind the car: started life as an auto that lost its life to a timing belt that was 2 weeks away from the crusher, I bought it as a $800 shell an a m52b28 w/s52 cams and a zf320 found its way between its fenders. 1.5 year and constant annoyance with bad tuning forced me on the quest to find more reliable power. 7 weeks later the v8 was driving and on the way to the dyno. I would Like to thank all the guys over at brads custom auto in Seattle for all the help over the years will all my crazy projects

    1987 PRO-3 car /1990 325is (2.7i Concours)

    Very nice car; great choice for this month!
    That dyno chart is beautiful.

    Originally posted by Janderson
    you can have the keys to my hunk of 20+ year old West German steel when you pry them from my cold dead fingers.


      he needs an i lip, i can understand if having an is lip is too low. but having the clips out there looks half assed in a car that so much effort has been spent on.

      it looks amazing though, really nice powerplant.
      AWD > RWD


        What did you use for a driveshaft, Greg? I've got one from an auto e32 but its a single piece. Thinking about having a shop splice the front flange of it onto my existing one, but if you did something easier I'm all ears.


          Congrats greg! Your car looks great as always.

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            holy fuck!

            that is a lot of motor in such a small place


              Pretty clean, but I agree with Kershaw
              Originally posted by audiquattrot
              bimmers b4 b*tches....remember that.
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                Wish that was mine.
                My car eats bentley manuals.


                  whoa that is sweet! I wish I could do that to my ix. The exterior looks great, I like the wheels and frenched lights. Who cares about the lip?


                    Great looking car, and a wonderful engine swap, wish it was mine.


                      Damn that's a big motor! Love the car, but it does really need an is lip!


                        how much was dropped on this swap?


                          im jealous for the fact its a bmw V8 under the hood i really want to do a LSX gen swap but the BMW engine covers look fuckin G
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                            I want your engine!

                            Good choice, Congrats man.
                            @IRON-E30 aka Edwin:D


                              congrats well done.
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