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December Car of the Month!

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    December Car of the Month!

    December is here! this months car is CorvallisBMW's Super clean MT2 vert!

    Factory options:
    MTechnic appearance package, maybe some other stuff... who knows

    Color: Alpine white II

    Interior color: Lotus White

    Engine modifications: m30b35 from an '89 525i, Good&tight engine mounts, Miller MAF/WAR setup, e28 M5 flywheel, clutch and pressure plate, full working R12 air con system, 400mm (16") Spal pusher fan on 80/88C thermostat switch, iX washer fluid reservoir,

    Exhaust: Custom 2.5" single with Magnaflow cat, Cherry Bomb glasspack and Dynomax VT muffler (soon to be replaced, too raspy for my taste)

    Transmission: g265 from an '89 535i, stock 325i driveshaft

    Differential: S3.73

    Suspension: H&R sport springs (hopefully getting a GC kit on before spring), Bilstien sport shocks, Kmac camber/castor plates, IE weld-on trailing arm adjusters (full rear camber and toe adjustment), OEM 21/15mm swaybars with urethane bushings, M3 offset CABs, e36 steering rack, RaceSkids x-brace, Sparco knockoff strut tower brace, every ball joint, bushing and link replaced with brand new OEM hardware

    Wheels: Alpina 'Kopi' replicas, Pirelli Pzero Nerro 215/40r17 tires, UUC 280mm 4-piston front brakes, stainless steel lines

    Exterior modifications: Full bumper repaint in original AWII, GutenParts front lip spoiler, smoked Hella H1/H4 headlights, smoked fogs, smoked side markers, red+smoked tailights, '335iC' badge, Euro plate filler, currently in the process of removing the 3rd brake light and installing the lower piece of the MtechII spoiler w/ integrated LED 3rd brake light

    Interior modifications: Fully recovered in original Lotus White, Mtechnic seat badges, all vinyl re-dyed, carpet re-dyed, BavAuto floor mats, weighted shifter, red guage needles w/ brushed aluminum rings, MtechII steering wheel, full dynamat, fully carpeted trunk with large toolkit, Raceland wind blocker

    ICE: All work done by Luke (you da man!) Keyless entry, Pioneer HU, Two 400w Exile amps, Exile 5.25" woofers and tweeters, 10" Exile sub in a (very) custom ported bandpass box, iPod and 3.5mm hookups, battery relocated to trunk, V1 hardwire

    Story behind the car: I've had this car for 3 years. I purchased it from a wholesaler in August 2007 who had gotten it from an auction yard. The car had been owned by a little old lady before that, back when the power top had broken in the down position. Being a widow on a fixed income she didn't have the $3K to throw at the car to get it fixed, so she just left it in her driveway. No cover, no tarp, no top... After rotting and molding away for a year or so she finally donated the car for a tax writeoff, the auction yard ended up with it and it eventually landed in my driveway. There are pics in the first link of the interior when i purchased it.... scary stuff.

    The first summer I had it all I did was clean the ever loving s**t out of it and start getting together what I would need for the restoration. Once winter hit I parked it in the 'rents garage while I went back to college. The following spring I started to really tear in to it, replacing every piece of the suspension, manual swap, re-doing the interior, etc. The car made it's debut at the e30 picnic in '08. (see thread below for details)

    After sinking probably $8K in to the car I was really happy with it and it went through the summers of '08 and '09 pretty much unchanged. But then the power bug bit me.... In spring '10 I decided it was time. I had previously purchased an m52 that I planned on swapping in. It came complete for $500 and I was stoked, but when someone called me up and said they really, really needed an m52 right now, and were willing to pay $1K for it, it got sold :) This time around I wanted to go BIG. It's a big, heavy car (3150lbs currently) and I wanted a big torque-y motor to go with it. I found a guy in Seattle parting out his 535i and I was able to get the full engine/transmission in one easy purchase. Working on it on the weekends and such, I had the swap done by '10 Picnic when most R3v'ers got to see it for the first time. (again, see below threads for more detail)

    As it sits now there are a few more things I'm hoping to do. I'd really like to get some rear headrests installed this winter, along with the 3rd brake light delete/lower mtech2 wing install. I'm also thinking about the UUC Evo3 shifter and DSSR combo (it's on sale right now, very tempting) and I'd like to get GC's $400 spring and collar set to install and get some ride height adjustability. The Dynomax muffler needs to go, I really don't like the sound of it. Smoked ellipsoid headlights are another thing on my list, as is powdercoating the brake calipers (blue?). The tires are currently shot so new ones will be needed next spring, which of course got me thinking about wheels. Staggered 16s anyone?
    I could also go 17", but I doubt I could stagger with a 10" wide rear wheel, I don't think it'll fit. I also need to make sure my BBK will fit; anyone running a UUC BBK with these wheels?

    Previous build threads:

    Day I brought it home:


    Restoration (some things are no longer on the car, such as the IE swaybars and Vorschlag camber plates)

    Luke's stereo build:

    Photo shoot:

    Trunk build:

    Motor swap:

    1987 PRO-3 car /1990 325is (2.7i Concours)

    Love this thing. Its like jizz all over my screen, but instead of a handy wipe, I just have to scroll down! Sexy vert all around. Congrats Darin.


      Gorgeous car!! congrats


        ^^^ Agreed.
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          that is amazing awsome looking car
          Im Greek thus the name :D


            awesome car, congrats Corvallis
            Driving:1990 325iS, 2007 335i :devil:
            past BMWs: 1987 325iS turbo, 1989 325i, 1995 525i, 2000 328CI, 2001 540i, 2008 135i


              i'm gonna cry its so damn niceeee.
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                  Looks great! I love the white interior, does it get really dirty?


                    Oh holy shit. I just nutted all in my pants. That thing is sexy.
                    Originally posted by ak-
                    Support is where it's at. Like a bra. This guy has his bra off though. He lives dangerous and shameless; i like him.


                      i'll just leave these here...

                      and this, LOL



                        This is one of the cleanest ranflas I have seen vert wise. I am truly jealous and give you props. Sweet ride serio :eeek:. One day I will have my vert like this wallpaper for now to encourage me everyday.
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                          Thanks Jparkr!
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                            Originally posted by Van Westervelt View Post
                            Love this thing. Its like jizz all over my screen, but instead of a handy wipe, I just have to scroll down! Sexy vert all around. Congrats Darin.
                            You better watch it with that jizz, you might end up with another kid. ;)


                              dam seeing this is really making me want to bring my mtech vert back to life. So much work ahead but to have a ride like this one will be sweet. Don't think I'm selling mine anymore. Congrats man sweet car...
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