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March 2012 Car Of The Month - bender

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    March 2012 Car Of The Month - bender

    Sorry for being late folks, last minute scheduling changes!

    Factory options:
    Not much factory left :)

    BMW Hellrot, complete respray in 2009

    Interior color:

    Engine modifications:
    600 whp approx (latest dyno 540hp 640tq)
    S52 motor, torque plate honed and fitted with CP pistons
    8.5:1 compression
    Manley rods
    BavSol Billet Turbo Cams
    ARP main studs
    Top mount manifold, with gt35r @ 28psi
    Oring'd block with copper wire
    New style ARP head studs
    Stock style head gasket
    VEMS ecu running latest firmware - full sequential injection. knock detection.
    RaceLogic Traction control
    -10 fuel lines and rail.
    Aeromotive regulator and pump
    Aquamist Methonal System

    3" stainless exhaust with magnaflow muffler

    E36 M3 ZF Trans, 5 speed
    Clutchnet Pressure plate
    Clutchnet 6 puck solid hub clutch
    Custom 1 piece Driveshaft with 1350 universal joints

    Viper Dana 44 IRS
    3.08 Ratio

    Front Suspension:
    E36 front suspension for 5lug fitment
    Ground Control coilovers
    E36 M3 brakes
    Sway bar

    Rear Suspension:
    Custom fabricated subframe to fit Corvette C4 IRS with Viper center diff
    All pivot points of suspension are adjustable hiem joints
    Custom axles with 1350 universal joints
    Custom 1 piece driveshaft
    3.23 final ratio
    QA1 coil overs, with a two different spring rates
    Custom adjustable sway bar

    17x7.5 CCW Classic with bmw bolt pattern in front
    225/40/17 Tires in front
    17x11 CCW Classic with chevy bolt pattern in rear
    315/35/17 Hoosier Drag radials in rear

    Exterior modifications:
    Stock as possible!
    Shadow Line Trim
    All new OEM trim & seals

    Interior modifications:
    Cobra seats
    Chromoly roll cage with swing out door bars

    Story behind the car:
    I bought the E30 in 2004 with the goal of using it as my daily driver to replace my 2001 Audi S4. I wanted to get back to something that was cheaper & easier to work on, with the goal of eventually modernizing the drive train. I remember taking the train to DC to buy the car sight unseen, and my first drive back home as a BMW owner - felt great!

    The car served me well as a commuter for the first two years as I did smaller projects like rebuilding the suspension (Ground Control, all new bushing, bearings, 5 lug swap) and other small items.

    In Nov 2005 I got the itch for a motor swap. I had found a great low mileage S52 complete with trans and harness on eBay, and before long it was mine. It didn't stop there though, as I tacked on a GT35r and standalone ecu to the parts list.

    Mind you today that's a pretty standard mix, but at the time it was a little more adventurous.

    The build was completed by July of 2006, and by August of 2006 I had my first blown motor :(

    The learning curve was steep (and expensive), but from there I put together the built motor that is still surviving to this day with the exception of a head gasket or two.

    With the motor and ecu sorted out, I headed to ICS in March of 2008 for some dyno time. With some minor tweaks of fuel and timing, the car was making nearly 600whp! Of course putting that power to the street was a whole other issue.

    When i returned home from Connecticut, it was clear some changes needed to be made in order to prevent lots of broken axels and constant spinning of tires.

    I didn't want to effect the lines of the E30 by building out wheel tubs, or even doing M3 fenders. I wanted to keep the business underneath the car while maintaining as much drivability and handling as possible (aka no solid rear, etc)

    BMW doesn't leave a lot of room to build inward without major changes, so in April of 2008 the sawzall came out and the transformation of the rear suspension began. At this point there was no turning back!

    After researching different IRS options, I made the decision to use a hybrid of Corvette C4 and Viper IRS components to outfit the rear of the car with 315/35/17 drag radials and massive axles using 1350 universal joints. The sheet metal of the car was cut out from the back seat to the taillights and completely refabricated using a custom built sub frame.

    By September of 2008, the car was ready for its first road test. The difference was unreal! The car could now hook up in nearly all gears. Although I never made it to the track frequently enough, the car did run a 10.96 @ 135mph on its first major outing.

    In July of 2009 the car was disassembled and prepped for paint work. Any removable panels were taken down to bare metal, primed, blocked out and painted. The car was sprayed with basecoat/clearcoat giving the finish a slightly more modern look. All exterior trim, lenses, and seals were replaced along with way giving a factory fresh look. Shortly thereafter, the car was shot and appeared in June 2010's issue of Performance BMW.

    Fast forward to today, and the car has taken a back seat to other priorities. I've always enjoyed the build more than the drive, and with the car completed there isn't as much to hold my interests. I've been diverting my attention with flight lessons, in the hopes of getting my private pilots license by summer. Beyond that, our first son Julian was just born this month. I look forward teaching him everything, and hope to build another BMW once he's old enough to enjoy.

    For those interested, the car is for sale! Respectable offers in the neighborhood of 22k would be considered - nearly half the price of the build. Please contact me, username 'bender'

    Classic BMW Specialists
    Santa Clarita, CA

    hollyyyy shittt... I think I just found my fav e30 :eeek:

    Well done sir!


      Congrats...Whoever buys this is going to be so happy.

      Originally posted by Roysneon
      $5 shipped?
      Originally posted by MarkD
      You are a strange dude, I'n not answering any more posts from you.


        Awesome car is awesome. Congrats, well deserved COTM.


          Mind = Blown


            Too bad its for sale too. Ive been watching this car for years. That multi-rear link suspension is beyond words. Bravo! :up:

            Video links should be included in that first post.



              Awesome congrats

              Parts for Sale
              YouTube Channel


                wow. coty


                  Awesome car. I remember when I first saw it a few years ago in performance bmw magazine.
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                    more pics! especially what you did in the back
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                      Unbelievable. Incredible. Amazing.
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                        Originally posted by 2man View Post
                        more pics! especially what you did in the back
                        Please oh please..


                          Are there any videos of this monster?

                          Nice car.
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                              Tell me more about the exhaust. Looks like a side dump...but then there's a muffler tip in the stock location?

                              What an amazing car. Props to the owner!