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My first e30! Daily driver turned into show car

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    My first e30! Daily driver turned into show car

    Hows it going guys I'm new to this forum and new to e30s. I used to own hondas before this i finally got tired of the scene so I parted out my hatch and then purchased this e30 which was supposed to be a daily driver lol i was only supposed to buy wheels for it but im very anal so now its going to be a weekend car/show car lol

    My old honda

    so here she is 89 325i clean title with 143k miles on the body and motor rebuild. stock m20

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    After the first couple days of owning her i decided she needed to get painted so i took her to status motor sports to get a full color change to jet black the bosy was full of dings and a couple little dents paint was faded as well

    Then after about 3 weeks this is how she turned out got all red tails for it new oem roundels an oem is wing euro bumper moldings and rear euro plate filler. New windsheild shadowline window trim and a new left fog light

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      You shoulda gone with a BMW color, they have so many blacks that looks fantastic that didn't come factory on the E30.

      It will still look good though, i'm just a sucker for BMW paint colors.


        Wow I hate hondas , but that thing looks so sweet, and nice e30, did it come with the wheels, suspension and is lip?

        Edit, spoke to soon lol
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          while i was waiting for the car to be done i purchased a set of bbs rs from vr wheels and got them completely redone. new bolts new lips and fully polished faces 16x8.5 +6 2.5inch lips front 16x9+9 3inch lips rear dunlop direzza dz101 205/45/16

          slapped on the new rubber


            lol jet black is a bmw color. comes off the 08 e90 335i =}

            and the car came on crap heated springs a fake ebay is lip and the xxrs ccw style all got replaced

            im uploading way more pics it just takes a while. so stick around to see more


              Welcome to e30's. What do you think of the switch from Hondas?


                ooooooo snap. those bss are going to make this forum bust a nut. (me included) I'm looking forward to some pictures after paint is finished and wheels are mounted.

                also, that honda was CLEAN. if you can continue that practice on e30's you will get props from this group.
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                  so decided to test fit a wheel fit perfect so i thought lol

                  Bought a brand new set of kw v1 coilovers for it new oem wheel bearings and all new components lcas tie rods sway links etc and started to work on the install

                  Heres the old components every bushing was shot and nasty heated springs

                  drilled and slotted rotors

                  all done with the install. got the car on the ground hadnt messed with the height yet
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                    Nice set of RS's !! I'm eager to see them on the car.
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                      just wait i already have everything on just have to finish uploading the pics. i started my build thread late because i have no time. the car is currently back at the body shop getting buffed and front fenders rolled more. all i have left is to install the new dash and interior goods outside is almost done just need spacers for the rear and to get it back from the bodyshop


                        Hot damn those are some sexy wheels. Welcome to the land of the correct wheel drive ;)


                          damn loving the rims!!!!!!! if you dont mind how much did those cost and what site did you get them from?


                            Bought new shadowline kidneys,euro grills, clear lenses, and an oem is lip
                            as well as a nardi woodgrain droopy spoke wheel and nardi evolution knob to match with a boss hub

                            I decided to finally lower the front where i wanted it to see how it would look and i need to space the rears a tad. got all the euro goodies on and love them makes it look more agressive.

                            installed my new skidplate as well im pretty low lol

                            bought this as well to match my wheel still waiting for it

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                              Thanks fellas i paid 2k for the wheels from and 400 for the tires so 2400 ish after mounting and balance