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COTM ~May 2013~ Raxe

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    COTM ~May 2013~ Raxe

    For this month I picked Raxe and his brutal 3.1 m20.

    I bought this 1988 325 Super ETA in 2005 as my first car, my father had
    sourced it knowing I had wanted an E30 - my only conditions at the time
    being a coupe and a manual. It spent the first couple years in and out
    of the body shop while I obtained my drivers license.

    Over the next few years I invested money into modifying the car here and
    there, always sticking with an overall OEM+ theme. After several other
    cars (and a much faster E30) I decided in 2011 to rebuild the M20
    instead of swapping for 24V like I had always planned. A few free
    engines came up and it was decided that a 3.1L NA stroker was the goal;
    it suited the car perfectly and I hadn't seen many built with that
    particular configuration. The first variation of the rebuilt engine
    lasted 2 days before blowing up due to poor valve clearance...
    thankfully my budget allowed for some learning experience and the second
    version, with the completed bottom end, was finished a few months later
    in spring of 2012.

    Aside from the miscellaneous brake upgrades still sitting on my shelf,
    the car is essentially finished at this point. I have no plans of
    parting with the car in the future though, so who knows what else might
    be in store... ;)

    Big thank you to Andrew at Ireland Engineering, always prompt with the
    orders and a real pleasure to do business with!

    ~Mod list~

    - B27 block bored to 85mm
    - 89.6mm M54B30 crankshaft
    - 135mm M54B30 rods
    - 85mm 9:1 forged Ross Racing pistons
    - 885 machined head
    - 43mm intake valves
    - 37mm exhaust valves
    - IE heavy duty rockers
    - IE 272 camshaft
    - IE adjustable camshaft gear
    - IE coated short headers + muffler, no cat
    - Miller MAF conversion
    - Miller W.A.R chip, butt-tuned by myself
    - IE aluminum rad and pusher fan conversion
    - Mechnical cooling fan delete
    - Dual mass to single mass conversion
    - Candy apple red powdercoating
    - 3.73 LSD

    - Votgland 60mm front springs
    - Dinan 10mm rear springs
    - Koni yellow adjustable shocks
    - IE 25mm/22mm adjustable sway bars
    - "Sparco" chromed strut brace
    - Stainless steel brake lines
    - No P/S, AC or ABS

    - BBS RS003 16x7 on 205/50R16 Dunlop Star Specs
    - Nogaro euroweaves on 195/50R15 Dunlop Star Specs

    - New doors, fenders, sunroof etc
    - Lachssilber respray
    - Plastic bumper conversion
    - Front and rear 'euro' bumper trim
    - Front 'euro' grilles
    - Rear 'US' plate filler
    - 50% front, 30% rear tint
    - DDM 35W 4500k HID's
    - 3000k fog lights
    - RyanG IS lip splitter

    - Black leather seats/door panel swap
    - Mtech II steering wheel
    - Z3 shift linkage and E46 knob
    - Innovate Motorsports AFR gauge
    - Clarion APX4360 640W 4 channel amp
    - Clarion APX2181 320W 2 channel amp
    - Clarion SRW1051 single 4-ohm voice coil subwoofer
    - Custom made skipass mounted sub box
    - Clarion SSS500 component speakers
    - Clarion SRP1320M component speakers
    - Clarion DXZ675USB head unit mounted in glovebox
    - V1 hardwired under German check panel
    - GG interior light dimming relay

    Click for build thread


    Bare metal <3

    Fresh paint

    3.1 mmmmmmm

    One of my personal favorite bays, gorgeous and perfect color combo.

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    Wow looks awesome! Any videos of the 3.1?

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    LS Build Thread:


      Clean car. Congratulations.


        very clean car
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          mmmm thats a nice lachssilber
          88 325is Five Speed


            Love the Lachs, then again im biased.


              Congrats on the car.
              Sweet engine!

              Parts for Sale
              YouTube Channel


                Wowzers!! Looks great, and am curious on numbers for the engine. That is much too cool!


                  This is very new and exciting. I like. Great car. The m20 looks great in there!


                    good stuff.


                      Loving the meatiness of the tire setup. A truly proper E30.


                        Love the classy M20 look, congrats.
                        @IRON-E30 aka Edwin:D


                          I don't like M20s, but when I do they are ridiculous.

                          So fantastic! Congrats!
                          1974.5 Jensen Healey : 2003 330i/5


                            That's the prettiest m20 I ever seen. Kudos on making a super clean e30!
                            SO MUCH MORE TO DO!!
                            IG: ohthejosh

                            LEGIT CHECK ME BRUH
                            BUYER FEEDBACK THREAD


                              Oem+ ftw! Congrats! :up: