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Hokejka e30 m50 turbo build

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    Hokejka e30 m50 turbo build

    **FOR SALE: For sale thread link:

    Current Setup:

    I picked my e30 up almost 2 months ago. I've been snooping around on r3v for a while and was convinced I needed an e30. I waited a while to make a build thread so I could start when things got interesting. I go to school full time and work part time so I did not have time to do much until now. For the past 2 months I've been doing research collecting parts and shredding whats left on the tiny tires on my car.

    1991 e30 318is
    m50 vanos swap
    getrag 260
    4.10 lsd
    ground control coil overs

    The plan:
    Boost! This is not my daily but I want it to reliable enough to be one. I want to auto x, track and drive it on the street.

    Teamed up with Otis 'Good n Tight' for the manifold and his 8psi draw through ecu chip. I want to run the 8psi on stock compression and see how the car feels.

    Later will do head gasket and ARPs and go for 15psi+.

    Ill try to go into details on some things as it frustrated me when I ran through builds and a lot was left out.


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    The guy I got the car from was into serious stance life so it was slammed in the back and I would rub on cigarette buds.

    Raised the back about an inch and half. Smoked the Tails. Europlated it.

    The car would loose power occasionally and hiss so I opened up the exhaust and the cat was all messed up and clogging the exhaust. Cut it off and went straight pipe 2.5" all the way back. With headers and straight pipes the straight 6 sounds like a race car. It gained an absurd amount of power after the backed up exhaust was gone.

    Collected parts till I could finally go to work.

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      Day 1: Got down to south Fl. Dropped by to see Otis and pick up the manifold. Lucked out and got a ride in his 10 second beast. The car is ridiculous. Never been in anything so fast.

      Trunk emptied and cleaned. Rear seats out. Headers out, had to take right engine mount out since they were such a tight fit. A/C compressor, bracket, radiator, and fan out and for sale. Cut part of battery tray to make room for intercooler. A bunch of other little things out to make space for the intercooler.


        Nice car, job so far

        Good luck ,,

        M20B28 Turbo

        My Build Thread


          Oil Cooler Kit came in from VAC. 11x8" cooler with euro filter housing -10 an stainless braided hoses. Everything looks great.

          30lb injectors - remanufactured and flow tested.

          Cut little brackets off the top cross bar to fit intercooler. Im considering welding something else in there just in case.

          Also cut a little U into bottom cross member to get a flush fit for the oil cooler.

          Oil pan has been a pain to rip off. Transmission is coming off to replace some gaskets and get the remaining 2 bolts off the back of the pan. Then -10 bung (male) will be welded.

          Took the dash apart to make room for gauges. ECU with 8psi tune put in. Thanks Otis!

          Doing a lot of cleaning. 20+ years has added a nice layer of dust and dirt in some spots.


            Damn your really tearing into it pretty good...!!!
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            Dyno vid


              haha i have things to do, tires to burn


                Speaking of tires to burn. These will be the new set. I have them on the 335 and can't be happier with the stick to how long they last. 245/40/17 square setup

                I added a little more detailed pic of the oil cooler cutout. Oil cooler has a mounting bracket so now it can fit flush and will hold with self tapping screws.

                I don't have a lift so I did a lot more cleaning. My other baby (dd) in the back.

                I was thinking the 2.5" intercooler piping might be a little too restrictive, 6" might work, what do you guys think? haha
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                  Looks like you are moving things right along!
                  Will you have any clearance issues with the radiator and oil cooler? I am thinking mainly for the hoses, but I think I see how you could make it work pretty easily! Make sure to post pictures of that when you have it in!
                  I have an m50 turbo as well, and love to see other builds!
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                    cool build. just wondering why you went with 30lb injectors? don't you think they would be too small for a turbo application.
                    I'm putting a turbo kit together for my m20 and was thinking to get like 40 something or 60 lb injectors.


                      The oil cooler sit right on top of the crossbar so the top third of is snug right between the intercooler and radiator so no clearance issues. I will post pics as soon as I do the final install.

                      It makes sense for you to get the 40 or 60 pound if you're going to run more boost but since I'm running only eight psi 30 lb is enough. my ecu flash is from a similar setup and was tuned with 30s so i have to run them. later if i run more boost i will get 60 and have to retune.


                        the oil cooler hoses will sneak around front and come up to housing


                          Nice build. Subscribed :P
                          2004 500whp STI Track monster
                          1988 180hp Slow Daily 325is


                            Rack and Pinion was toast. There was actually zero fluid in the power steering reservoir when I picked the car up so Ive just been keeping it full until now. Went to Miami and got the rack remanufactured in an hour and a half. Amazing things happen in miami.

                            So this oil pan has been a pain. I realized I have to disconnect the tranny to get to the last 2 bolts on the pan. I figured while the tranny is off I would go ahead and replace all the gaskets and seals. A friend of mine has a shop next door and I lucked out to them having some time so we got the car on the lift. Tranny ended up not being the easiest to take off so we just pulled the whole engine. Now that its all open I figure Im doing the clutch. There no way Im going to pull the engine again and do this later just for the clutch so it has to be done now.

                            I have till monday to get a clutch. I might have to same day it early monday morning and trying to figure out which clutch would be best. I was looking at spec stage 3 or clutch masters fx300 or 400. Any advice? I still want the car to be drivable and I will not push past 400whp.


                              looks good so far man!
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