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Bringing back Gabby...1990 Calypso 325I

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    Needed a new antenna and did not want the ancient electric antenna. Saw a decently priced one on catuned website. Not the best in terms of reception but it'll do the trick.


      Installed HID retrofitted smoked ellipsoids. Night and day difference in brightness and appearance. Free shitty sealed headlights if anyone needs it.

      Also picked up momo hub from a friend to get rid of the stock giant steering wheel.

      Also got my package from ECS. Started noticing how fast ECS Ships out and they've been the cheapest in price lately.

      Finally, IS Spoiler and IS side skirts along with a few maintenance items.


        Nice job on the paint and body.

        Looking forward to seeing this come together.
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          Originally posted by Gotboost79 View Post
          And terms of the motor, I have something in my garage that isn't selling for some reason even though I put it up for sale at a very reasonable price tag. I took the listings off and will be keeping the complete drivetrain for this e30 or another possibly. Ended up talking to Frank and will be purchasing his manual if I do go down that route....but you're right, go big or go home..??
          S52 from your E36?
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            Originally posted by Poorhouse View Post
            Nice job on the paint and body.

            Looking forward to seeing this come together.
            Thanks man!

            Originally posted by 2mAn View Post
            S52 from your E36?
            That's been long gone...most likely another s54 with open velocity stacks or m50/2 turbo.

            I do have these 2 sitting in my garage.

            S62 complete drop out that never ended up selling.

            N54 that's listed for sale but...less likely this motor will happen.


              Finally got some more painting done along with smoked projectors and hid retrofit. Kind of regret not doing bixenons while at it.

              ECS Tuning with OEM front IS lip, side skirts and new rear emblem.

              I never thought I'd like Calypso but definitely love the color now.

              IS front lip

              Front and rear bumpers along w the side skirts and lip in the booth.

              Base coats on

              Almost there

              Soon as I got home I put on the bumpers(forgot the bumper bolts at home...dumbass)...surprisingly 2 bumpers, side skirts and lip all fit in this little car....

              Refurbished the trim using trim/bumper paint. Forever black just wouldn't go on correctly. Did 4 coats of trim paint. Eventually would like the euro version trim to delete the ugly side markers. But for now..


                Hi all, I stopped posting after photobucket took the world hostage with their photos and life was too busy to dedicate sharing updates on R3V but I’ve been on here quite a bit getting knowledge about the rebuild of my E30 so thought it was appropriate to update.

                I thought about a motor swap but having 5 BMWs from new to old, I decided to keep this car with its original motor but update/rebuild from suspension to the motor while doing a 5spd swap. This COVID life definitely gave me more time to dedicate as well.

                Lots of updates coming:
                -motor rebuild done, will be uploading pics and details.

                -getrag 260 cleaned and new seals, let’s hope it’s in decent condition. I saw some metal flakes but it’s a 25+yr car/parts

                -entire suspension ripped out and refreshed. Wish I powdercoated everything but got impatient and decided to paint instead. All new bushings, ball joints, reinforced. Bc coilovers, quality looks pretty good. Never had bc but surprised by at least the initial quality.

                -garagistic parts, front and rear strut bars. Having a bit of issue with fitment like most of their stuff. While their costs are ok, things like these items, dssr, bushings all needed some type of massaging, cutting, mangling to fit. Maybe I should’ve went with condor. Anyone have experience with condor stuff?

                -16in style 5s, filled/redrilled and powdercoated Bmw silver. Absolutely love the look and will be on the car with 12mm hub centric rings.

                -detailed a good friends s2000 cr and he offered new Morimoto projectors. Will be retrofitting them in.

                -z3 shifter, all new shifter assembly. Garagistic dssr. Need to shave down the shifter bottom to make it fit.....oh well.

                -brake calipers all rebuilt, ss lines

                -looking for exhaust at the moment. Hung up between Stromung or scorpion. Both seem like quality and not too loud. I have a true dual I had a exhaust shop fab up but it’s way too loud.

                -IS lip,side skirts going on soon

                -need pdr on a few spots. Mysteriously appeared after the cars been sitting for almost 2 years

                anyone have recommendation of free picture hosting that works well for R3V?

                also I have a bunch of random parts if anyone wants in the tristate area. Some free, some not. Interior plastic parts galore!! Take them off of my hands before I toss in the trash.




                    A few pics of the M20 completely refreshed.