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New pics with my new wheels

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    Originally posted by TopOfTheLine89 View Post
    No, it looks hideus,I just liked the widened stance from the 0 offset at first. It still needs to be lowered i just keep putting it off.

    where your fenders rolled when yours were rubbing? and what offset were your 15s? I have the 205-50-16 upfront now and hardly any rubbing at all, the only thing rubbing is the plastic guard that is hanging down in the wheel well that i need to fix.
    yea thats where mine was rubbing as well i just wanted to give u a heads up but it seems as though u got it covered
    Originally posted by ebelements
    Also, for those who don't know, negative camber is the greatest thing since sliced bread(panera). Even tire wear is for city busses and the elderly.


      where exactly are you guys rubbing with the 225s? I keep wanting to put some meatier tires on when I get new wheels(defiantly not sportmaxes, probably 16x8 et20) but don't know how much work it will be to clear the 225s.


        i had mine 195/50/15.


          My fenders are rolled and I have the H&R Race springs. I finally solved the rubing by gutting the car...everything behind the front seats but the door cards. A little more tail happy, but still is more fun than rubbing until I get some stiffer springs or coils
          Originally posted by NavyE30
          I saw Vlad was posting and got excited. Then I saw there weren't any boobs and was sad.


            Originally posted by Aron Andrew View Post
            hahaha you guys really love sportmax!

            Great for drifting, if you brake one, you just buy a new set!
            Or if you bought some nice quality rims, they wouldn't break in the first place?