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325i cabrio -90 s38 swapped, COTM March -16

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    Great build! Which schrick cams did you buy and cam gear combination are you running? Are you happy with the result or was it not worth doing?
    Also curious what transmission and differential you are using. It would be sweet to get your details up here:


      Thanks. Using only intake schrick 284. We put this on schrick factory specs although my chain are little spend so my exhaust cam are little late.
      earlier there was little kick about 5000-5500rmp
      ​​​​​​Now with the cam it runs smooth start to limit.

      Don't know was that worth it, got it so cheap and it's me only nice to have it. Like hole car. It is one of kind here.
      My car is one of four e30 here in Finland that got check inspection with n/a s38
      Other tree cars what have s38 are hard roof M3

      My trans is 265/262cr it is dogleg from 83-84 e28 528, "sport" getrag, 5 th straight

      Diff I have done my self. It's e30 typ 188 with e36 cover, 2.93 from e36 328i
      I have run it to the limit 8250rmp, it takes 250kmh on cluster with 245/35*17 I think that was enough, especially roof down

      That change to ethanol not happening yet.
      Fuel pump are change. Not anything special with that

      If you check few post back on that site, there is link to this topic
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