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August 2020 Car of the Month: e30mclow

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    August 2020 Car of the Month: e30mclow

    ***Editors Note: I’ve been following this car for quite some time and feel it’s the perfect follow up to an absolute mint, concourse level restoration. Here’s a guy who swapped a motor from a Toyota, painted the car with spray cans in his garage. What more needs to be said. Congrats to Mr McClow, our August 2020 Car of the Month!***

    Factory options:

    1990 BMW 325i
    Factory Manual

    Originally Alpineweiss II

    Interior color:
    Originally Beige Vinyl

    Engine modifications:
    Toyota 1JZ-GTE non-VVTi: Cold Compression Test Readings (155,160,155,160,160,160)
    Custom Aluminum Engine Mounts with Hockey Puck bushings
    Driftmotion Single Turbo Manifold
    Garrett 60-1 T4 Single Turbo (Garret GT35 Core) with Polished Compressor and Ceramic Coated Hot Side
    Turbo Blanket
    -10 AN Oil Return
    Braided High Pressure Oil Feed Line
    3" Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust to APR resonator and back box
    3" Inlet/Outlet Large Front Mount Intercooler (maximum size that could be "hidden")
    2.75" Intercooler Piping
    Genuine Tial BOV
    Genuine HKS External Wastegate with homemade screamer pipe
    Painted Cam Covers and Hydro-Blasted Intake Manifold & TB
    Shortened Throttle Body (to allow for IC piping + rad)
    Custom 2 Core Aluminum Rad - tucked into the front core support
    14" Spal Slim Electric Puller Fan + Shroud (made from a baking tray)
    Wiring Specialties Plug & Play Harness
    Patch/Jumper Harness
    6 Point Grounding Harness
    Apexi Neo AFC (fuel controller)
    AEM Tru Boost Controller/Gauge
    AEM AFR Gauge
    Ford Mustang 5.0 3 wire o2 Sensor
    Mustang 5.0 o2 Sensor plug spliced into JZ Harness
    Aeromotive Stealth In Tank Fuel Pump
    440cc Injectors (JDM 2JZ)
    Aeroquip Fuel Pressure Regulator modified to fit end of OEM 1JZ fuel rail
    Chase Bays JZ-BMW rack High Pressure Line
    New OEM BMW Rack-Reservoir line
    Oil Level Sender Delete Plate
    1JZ Water Neck Drilled & Tapped for e30 Water Temp Sender
    Water neck also tapped for air bleeder screw, to avoid common air pocket/cavitation
    New Behr Coolant Reservoir

    3" V-Band Downpipe (bunged for ECU o2 and Aem AFR o2)
    3" Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust to Audi B5 S4 APR resonator and back box
    Heat Wrapped from downpipe to rear subframe

    Low Mileage Nissan CD009 6 Speed Transmission
    1JZ Adapter Plate + Flywheel (Collins Engineering)
    ACT Stage 4 Clutch & Pressure Plate (650ft/lb)
    Braided Clutch Line
    Custom CNC'd Shifter Adapter to relocate Nissan Shifter to e30 position (via CD009 transmission service opening). Had to open the trans housing and cut the main selector rod in half to do so.
    Homemade Transmission Mount/Brace utilizing the e30 chassis brace bolting points
    Trans Tunnel had to be removed and a new removable tunnel made
    Nissan Titan Slip Yoke
    Homemade conversion to a Wilwood GS Compact clutch master cylinder that uses the stock e30 master cylinder position
    New upgraded slave cylinder.
    Custom Front Half Shaft (a single piece won't clear the petrol tank)

    Stock 3.91 LSD for now. Planning clutch plate upgrade and e36 diff cover mod.

    BC Racing Coilovers
    Garagistic Front & Rear Sway Bars
    Garagistic Front & Rear Adjustable Sway Bar Links
    Garagistic Front & Rear Strut Braces
    Front & Rear Subframe Reinforcements
    Front Subframe modified for External Wastegate clearance
    Powerflex Purple Subframe, Trailing Arm and Differential bushings
    Adjustable Camber/Toe Eccentric Rear Subframe
    Treehouse Racing Increased Caster Front Control Arm Bushings ("Lollipops")
    New Front Control Arms
    Braided Brake Lines X 6
    New Wheel Bearings x 4
    Garagistic Solid Steering Column Bushing/Guibo
    e46 "Purple Tag" Steering Rack
    New Behr e46 Steering Rack Bellows
    New e46 Inner (vented) Tie Rods and e36 Outers
    SRS Concept Inner Tie Rod Spacers (increased lock)
    MRT Roll-Center Correction Kit
    Oversized PS Pump Pulley
    Modified Brake Pedal Ratio for improved feel/feedback
    Brake Booster Deleted (no room with the stock JZ inlet manifold)
    VW 19mm F/R Master Cylinder - best compromise for pedal actuation and feel
    Homemade Hardlines from ABS Pump
    E30 front Spindles converted to 5x120, thus retaining the e30 camber/caster settings
    Z4 Rear Hubs pressed into e30 rear trailing arms - 5x120
    e46 325i Front & Rear Calipers (with new pistons, seals, bleeders and guides)
    e46 325i Vented Front & Vented Rear Rotors (300mm & 279mm drilled & grooved)
    New Brake Pads
    Stop-Tech e46 Front Braided SS Brake Lines

    Pontiac GTA 16x8 et0 & et16 with modified hubs (increased bore)
    4 x 205/45r16 Firestone Indy 500s

    Exterior modifications:
    Painted in my garage using Rustoleum rattle cans.
    New iS Lip
    New Oem Lip Clips
    "Euro" Grills
    Genuine Euro "Smiley" Lights
    Genuine Tech 1 Rear Spoiler
    “Euro" Rear Plate Surround
    Homemade quick release bonnet latch – Push on the BMW badge to release (radiator occupies the OEM latch position)
    Rear Arches rolled, but not pulled
    Genuine Alpina 162 Front Valance (Option 1)
    Genuine Mtech 2 Front Valance & Clips (Option 2)
    Rare NOS Heckblende (on a shelf)

    QUOTE=e30mclow]Interior modifications:
    JDM Integra Type-R Recaro SR3 Reclining Seats (Similar to SportEvo Seats)
    Massive Brakes Seat Mounts
    Dyed “Cardinal Red” vinyl Door Cards, Carpet, Rear Bench
    Sparco Steering Wheel
    Momo Steering Wheel Hub
    Homemade super tall shifter
    3D Printed Center Vent Gauges
    Tach/Coolant Temp/Oil Light/CEL working with the Toyota ECU
    Delrin Solid Throttle Pedal Bushing (0 Play/Slop)
    Crack Free Dash (awaiting installation)

    3" V-Band Downpipe (bunged for ECU o2 and Aem AFR o2)
    3" Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust to Audi B5 S4 APR resonator and back box
    Heat Wrapped from downpipe to rear subframe

    Story behind the car:
    In 2017 I was living and working in North Carolina where I bought the car having seen it for sale on the side of the road. A manual 325i with 135k for $1,500, done deal!
    I knew it needed work, as the paint was shot, it had some rust and there wasn’t any sign of a rubber bushing left in it. The good news was that it turned out to have an LSD, a rebuilt head and besides the obvious rust, there was actually nothing further hiding elsewhere. There was a service binder in the glove box that validated my suspicions – It has had 135k on the clock for the last 10+ years! So, moon mileage was more likely the actual tally.
    The interior was a North Carolina special edition, with a camo duct tape + beige vinyl combo. Also, the carpet and side panels were suitably “antiqued” by what was seemingly a series of owners that treated it as a mobile spittoon for their big ole Skoal dip.
    The initial plan was to hit it with the knowledge I’ve garnered though owning my fair share of e30s, and to get it setup as a great handling car that I don’t mind throwing around on wet roads.

    Within the first two months the car was fully polybushed and had received most of the suspension mods that it still has today. The e46 rack and sticky Kumhos had the chassis at a point where it was perfect for my driving style, but I wanted more power.

    A year in I came across a marketplace ad for a 1JZ converted Lexus SC300 that had been setup as a drift car. JZs were steadily on the rise and it was only a matter of time before they became uneconomical to swap, so I decided to go for it and worked out a deal where the seller kept everything, but left me with the running gear still operational within a non-rolling chassis. This resulted in a great deal versus the sum of the parts should this have been a blank slate 1JZ+CD009 endeavor.
    With the SC300 in the driveway, I became nervous about fitting the transmission in my relatively clean white e30. At that point, a $200, yes $200 e30 325eS popped up for sale 20 minutes away. I snapped it up as a guinea pig platform and started roughing things into place. Besides flaring the tunnel and removing a considerable section of it, the rest of the swap looked like it would fit quite nicely. After a couple of months I was as far as I could go with the test mule, and finally pulled the m20 from the white car.
    Having been down this road with the test car, I ended up having the white car ready to receive the JZ within a single weekend.
    Then, just as everything was bolted in and nearing mechanical completion in September 2018, some work visa changes within the US meant that I had to leave, despite being completely legal and having an existing visa. Rather than overstay/risk being a troublemaker, I left the US in October 2018 and returned to Canada. Unfortunately, this meant leaving my house, cars and employees behind. Over the next few months I closed up shop in the US, but returned in 2019 to pack things up and permanently relocate to Canada. The entire time my mind was on the e30 and wanting to hear those sweet noises that only a JZ can make.

    Upon getting the car back to freezing Canada, there were many evenings spent working in an unpowered storage unit just to keep the project moving along. Things picked up pace once I got a place with a garage and to cut a long story short, the e30 has been on the road since mid-June this year.
    My proudest accomplishments of the project don’t actually include the engine swap, as that was relatively easy compared to the other puzzles.
    • Doing every single thing myself
    • Painting it with rattle cans and not being able to tell that it isn’t original paint
    • Solving the how to make a CD009 Trans fit quandary - The shifts are absolutely out of this world
    • Solving the e30 master cylinder to Nissan slave cylinder ratio discrepancy by fitting a Wilwood master cylinder in the stock e30 position using an unmodified e30 pedal box
    • The GTA wheel fitment is in my eyes, perfect
    Future plans?
    Roll cage and maybe paint it a whole new color now that I’m confident.

    Build thread is here

    Current Car:
    -2000 330i Estate, the dad-mobile
    -1975 Alfa Romeo Giulia Nuova Super 1300, the never-ending name & project

    Make R3V Great Again -2020

    Congrats! I love the build thread, I love those wheels, and I think the paint turned out nicely. Thanks for sharing!


      Love love love those wheels

      (clicky on piccy to get to thread)


        Rad! Real Bmw hotrodding!

        BMWCCA #398608
        IG @yagayo38

        "The Best E30's were built with two camshafts four cylinders and sixteen valves!".


          Beautiful ride and nice to see something in the NCR


            Thanks for pulling this ole turd up to COTM, 2mAn.
            Although forum traffic is reduced vs the days of old, I'm very proud to have the car shown here.

            Thanks for the kind words folks