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E30 1990 Alpin-weiss 2 - M50B25 - E30 M3 5LUG

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    E30 1990 Alpin-weiss 2 - M50B25 - E30 M3 5LUG


    This is my e30

    I live in Iceland and just imported that e30 from Poland

    316i coupe with sundroof, Automatic gearbox, only driven 130.000km, no rust or any problems!

    Im going to change the suspension and wheels, make it manual etc!

    Here are few pics of it in Poland

    But now its finally in Iceland!

    I started taking the instrument cluster apart to put a tachometer in it


    Much better than that big stupid clock!

    Changed both control arms and bushings in front.

    Bought brand new Borbet - A 16x9" with new tires!

    But i dont want to put the wheels under without lowering,, so i bought 60/40 lowering springs

    Im going to install those springs and wheels at the weekend!

    will post new pics after the install! :D
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    BMW E30 M3 - S50B32

    It looks extremely clean, nice purchase! I really like the first photo as well.


      Off to a great start!


        That looks really clean, congrats! I visited Iceland 2 years ago and drove a rental car up and own the west coast, I'm very jealous of the roads you'll get to carve up with your 316i!

        I had no idea some E30's came with a clock instead of a tach. As quirky and charming as it is, with a manual swap the tach will be much more useful. My daily driver is a Prius C with a CVT transmission and it doesn't have tach either, but I really don't need it.


          You could probably sell that "Flava Flav" Tach to someone via ebay. A few years ago I saw a few threads where people were swapping them in for the novelty.
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          Usually it's best not to know how much money you have into your e30


            Took some photos of it before the new springs and wheels, and now its on Icelandic license plates!

            And now its time to change springs and wheels

            Stock springs

            Little diffrence

            Brake fluid change

            Time for Borbet - A

            Wheel alignment

            Very happy with it!!!

            But ofcourse im going to buy some "real" suspension later,, and do a full disk brake conversion etc..
            BMW E30 M3 - S50B32


              Looks great - the Borbets have always suited the e30 well :)
              My e30: OEM+ with M30B35


                Looks beautiful! I didn't see too many older BMW's while in Iceland so your's must be extremely rare. Looks like it'd be a fun summer road trip car.
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                  What a nice, clean looking e30! My favorite color, as well ;>)
                  1991 318is
                  2004 330ci
                  2011 335d


                    Got a brand new OEM ISlip


                    I like eyelids on e30 so i bought a pair

                    Bought clear/smoked turn signal lenses from

                    The old orange ones are cracked and ugly

                    The front end after eyelids, islip and smoked turn signals :D

                    BMW E30 M3 - S50B32



                      BMW E30 M3 - S50B32


                        Super clean! Looking good.


                          I Bought new original SE sideskirts

                          They went straight to the paint shop and then on the car!

                          Feels bad to drill holes :( but it has to be done

                          Got new license plate lights

                          Much better!

                          BMW E30 M3 - S50B32


                            Took few photos of it before winter storage

                            Next up is painting the rear valance white and make the exhaust hole bigger like on 6cyl cars.
                            BMW E30 M3 - S50B32


                              Small update

                              I took the car to a paintshop to to make the exhaust hole for (-OO------) exhaust, and get the surface smoother and full white (its black and white now)

                              i sold the front valance because i wanted the valance for AC cars

                              Old one

                              New one :)

                              Bought that peace new

                              I did not like that radio panel

                              So i bought that one used but in good condition

                              Bought that clock on eBay

                              I also bought the original BMW electrial loom for clock off ebay

                              New bulb for that clock

                              The clock frame was scratched :/

                              So i bought it new :D

                              It will look better!

                              Bought a Alpine bluetooth radio with RGB backlight.

                              And new backlight bulbs for everything

                              Im now waiting for the car coming form paintshop and some more parts :)
                              BMW E30 M3 - S50B32