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s50b32 e30 325i tech1 project

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    s50b32 e30 325i tech1 project

    For a glimpse of phase 1 click here

    Removing the old m20b25 in prep for engine bay cleaning
    Phase 2 started tonight
    On the hoist.

    Ray and brendon unbolting gearbox mounts.

    Out it comes


    Dirty engine bay

    Date with a water blaster

    Clean engine bay in prep for removing of all brackets and engine bay paint prep.

    Next is s50b32 mock up and getting ready for the engine build.
    After this we have the interior strip out and roll cage install.
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    Dragged these pics up from an old post.

    The s50b32 has had a bit of a hard life outside and unfortunily had water in cylinder 1 which has caused a bit of pitting. The crank also hand a bit of minor rust on it but nothing that a bit of machining wont fix.

    Rust in Cylinder 1

    s50 block (note 3.2ltr cylinder walls are pretty thin as standard in the ole iron block)


    Double Vanos and cams which is going to be blanked off and removed in favour of a locked adjustible timing gear system.

    As it stands cylinder 1 is being bored to 18thou to check that the pitting doesnt extend over the 20 thou (.5mm) bore we are looking to do.

    Standard pistons are 86.4mm we will take it to 86.9mm.


      Bought a new toy today. 37k's .. basically only run in :)


        More toys turned up...

        DTM Short Shifter

        Spherical ball race bearing / Alloy plate

        DTM Shifter and s50 -> e30 loom adapter :)


          Its been 5 weeks in the making and fair bit of CAD work plus mock up from westy's e30/e46 flywheel / pressure plate setup (cheers tony).. I bring you the billet s50b32 single mass flywheel.

          It weighs in at 6.23kgs and had the dual mass ring gear put onto it to match my starter setup.

          Old s50 dual mass vs the new single mass :D (quite the difference)

          Should rev like a bitch now...


            Sorted out the clutch / pressure plate today ..

            Went for Carbon / Kevlar instead of a metal composite to keep the drive train rattles down and will be a little nicer to drive in traffic. Perfect mix of hard core driving / track days and heavy street and ablility to drive in rush hour without glazing up the clutch.

            I had a 3035 ft pound pressure spring mated to a new OE sachs housing. Is good for 450rwhp.

            All assembled ...

            Off to be balanced tomorrow :)



              Sorry for the lack of photos on this one .. Will click some off tomorrow, forgot to bring the memory card up in the camera.

              So just to tidy up the last post, I had the pressure plate / clutch and flywheel and pressure plate bolts all balanced.
              Not much was needed to be removed and suprisingly the Sach pressure plate housing was apparently a 9/10 balance .. which was nice to hear.

              Ok so today was pretty epic.

              The brake booster was removed and the new laser cut brake booster relocation plates worked perfectly. Thanks to Brendon for getting the measurement bang on and Ollie for sorting the CAD and laser cutting.
              Thanks to westy, he fabbed up and welded an extension to the brake booster swing bracket from the brake push rod. Just need to get the e34 brake push rod into it.

              All in all the Brake booster was moved around 60mm to allow the s50 plenium to fit.

              Tomorrow the z3 2.8 3.0 ratio steering rack goes in and e36 6 cylinder power steering pump and steering pump reservior goes in and will run the new brake lines.

              Later in the week the 5 series sump and oil pick-ups go onto the new engine and we will attempt to shoe horn it and the gear box into place to check for final clearance.

              Thanks to Ray and co, Westy and Brendon for today.


                Some photos of the handy work over the past few days.

                New hole cut in the firewall

                Firewall side relocation plates. There is a plate on each side of the firewall 3mm thick stainless.

                Booster installed (yet to be painted :) still mocking up) Brake lines are still to be done properly ran out of time today.

                The brake swing bracket on the interior side which has been extended to handle the move.

                E34 brake pedal push rod was re threaded with a tap and dye set today and installed. It fitted perfectly.

                New z3 Steering rack which we found out was a 2.8 lock to lock ratio one! .. win. A date with the degreaser and a hose, it came out new :)


                15mm Spacers installed into the rack. Will investigate maybe putting these at the bottom to lift the rack to reduce bump steer however this all depends weather it will clear the engine, wont know that till the engine goes in.

                Thats all for today ... more friday going to plan.


                  Another successful day.

                  Tidying up the brake lines and swapping the e34 sump / new revised s50 pump / e34 pick from the 'old' engine to the new one.

                  Brake line tidy up, Brendon managed to work some pretty cool solutions, like the e36 square brake fluid reservoir.

                  While brendon spent literally all day in the engine bay I lined up both the S50b32's and started work on swapping the oil pans and oil pumps.

                  S50b32 oil pick ups from the new engine to come out.

                  Little sh*t of a oil sprocket nut .. known for coming off. Left hand thread.

                  Pump removed .. noting the pick up support bracket is connected to the main bearing cap bolts. I removed these and re torqed them back up with my new toy.

                  New oil pump and pick up

                  Cleaning up the sprocket shaft and sprocket for loctite blue and torqued.

                  And one last stupid photo ...

                  We couldnt figure out weather to make a 3 engine 6wd e30 ... that and thought there isn't a photo anywhere where you would see 3 s50b32's in one spot :D


                    Quite a bit has been done to the engine over the past few days.

                    While it may look the same, the final modifications to the engine were finally completed today.

                    Polished up the heat shield

                    Everything double checked torque wise on the bottom end and the new oil pan gasket and e34 oil pan is finally bolted on and torqued.

                    High temp gasket silicon added to the metal joins on the block face.

                    Emmsions pump and hoses removed and bunged up. factory blank off plate and gasket also added.

                    Whats going on here :) New modified dipstick and supports. Sounds simple .. but it was a bloody mission to get it to curve correctly out of the sump and flush hug the plenium.

                    notice a bracket made up that clamps the dipstick tube and a swivil clamp towards the top which worked perfectly! :)

                    New cap bolts for the M cover (new one on the left) from the bolt shop .. I bought 6 with washers for $3.

                    Perfect clearance

                    Cover installed :)

                    One piss me off thing that happened today .. my intake plenium boot split .. which kinda pissed me off as while they aren't too expensive .. they generally have a two week turn around ex german for m parts. Can't win em all.

                    Next the engine goes in for mock up .. Ollie is sorting out some cad drawnings for the steering rack spacer .. but ill post that in another update sometime next week hopefully.


                      Big thanks to Ray for his help last night ... 1:00am finish.

                      Shifter install ...

                      To ready the car for the engine install we needed to install and locate the shifter.

                      Interesting to see that e30 already come with the front locators that you can just punch out. Almost as if BMW motorsport required this for the homologation for DTM shifters ?

                      Temporarily installed


                        Bugger I just lost the whole post which took me an hour to do :/ Ill re-type it

                        New Intake plenium boot

                        The gearbox which we found out was missing the gear selector sensor.

                        off to RealOEM to order..

                        Installed the engine mounts


                          Pulled the flywheel and pressure plat apart to install the flywheel onto the crank

                          We found that the bell housing flange plate is the same as a standard e36 plate.

                          Installing the Flywheel with $50 worth of new flywheel bolts :| and loctite


                          Installation of the pressure plate which proved to be interesting. We actually couldn’t get the gearbox on in the end with it on. Even though we used a clutch alignment tool I think it still may have been out by a little bit causing the gearbox input shaft to misalign the spigot bearing. Will sort it out later, for now we get the gearbox and engine in so we can check the clearances.


                          Its hammertime

                          get in there bitch

                          Its tight

                          real tight

                          Like a nun even


                            O2 sensors just fit

                            Extractors vs the sway bar ... will have to modify

                            Money shots :)

                            Next is a date with the hoist and some fancy new engine brace which will allow us to hang the engine in mid air while we move the subframe to work on the clearance issues.

                            more on thursday.


                              Aligning the engine part 2

                              Fancy new jig which allowed us to remove the subframe

                              Some of the clearence issues faced

                              You cant really see it here but the number 6 pipe hits the firewall .. will pull it off and heat and bend it in two places .. one to clear the firewall and the next to clear the steering colum.

                              E21 gearbox cross member :)

                              final clearance for the booster ... heeeeeaps of room! :)

                              And finally a video showing the DTM shifter in action.


                              sunday the next update ...