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Das Drehmomentungeheuer: A HPDE Hooligan for shenanigans.

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    Das Drehmomentungeheuer: A HPDE Hooligan for shenanigans.

    We decided to start a build thread for our project car. Its an '87 325is that was purchased about 2 years ago. GotCone? (Jon - tarsust) and I do most of the heavy lifting, and the owner does most of the heavy spending. ;)

    Originally bought with small goals in mind, the plan has blossomed, or ballooned depending on how you look at it, into our current goal; A tire blazing, amazing handling, supercar destroying, V8 powered E30. On the cheap. ;) Should be easy, right?

    The starting point:

    We honestly couldn't think of a better starting point then a salvaged title, 1987 325is. I mean who could? Even though we learned later that the whole passenger side had been replaced due to an obvious t-boning of the car, it drives very straight, and appears to have no side effects from the repairs. Other then some rust. And you can't start building a track car in the midwest without having some rust. (Count yer blessings, if you live in the south, in this regard.)

    Once purchased, Jon went to work replacing.... everything. From cooling system maintenance to replacing every bushing underneath the car. CSB, guibo, brake calipers, half shafts, subframe bushings, new radiator, hoses..... you name it. He did it. While doing the very much needed upkeep, the opportunity was taken to make some simple, yet effective, upgrades. Mainly exhaust, suspension, and wheels. Wheels were 16X8 Rota Slipstreams, with Dunlop Star Specs (225/50) on it. (Highly recommend the Star Specs for a good all around street/HPDE tire, FYI) For suspension, we turned to AST. I have driven quite a few cars with this brand of coilover on them, and I can't say enough about how good they are. Jon was impressed enough, he became a dealer! We purchased, and are currently running, just the entry level 4100's, purchased used from Vorshlag. (Remember, this is a grassroots, on the cheap, type of build.) The exhaust was custom made by RG (Russ Garage). You will see that name pop up a bit more, as the build goes on. He is where we go for custom fab work.

    Well enough boring text, how about some pictures?

    I quick look at the custom RG exhaust.

    Some Auto-x shenanigans.

    Custom RG rear strut tower bar.

    And, lastly, the RG modified Sparco front strut bar.

    So, that is kind of the history of how this started. What is the end goal? Where does it go from here? Well, the plan is a LSX motor, flares, big rubber, gutted interior, lean and mean track machine. And the beginnings of that process will be the next installment of the thread. It will have the gutting of the interior, some pics of the new wheels and rubber, as well as some of the other projects we have going on currently. Stay tuned!
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    Alright, now its time to get into the meat of it. As last summer went on, we started changing things here and there. Added some Corbeau seats, and removed all of the rear.

    These seats are wiiiide. A bit too wide for us, even. Eventually, I think we will move to ultrashields.

    Then we installed this sweet little guy!

    Nice and small, but a little flexy. This will have to be changed out soon enough as well. Just waiting for the right deal, on the right replacement.

    So, as the summer drew to an end, we stashed the car away at the shop. And that is where the fun began. Time to add lightness.

    Figured that the dash, carpet, and all other trim were just holding us back, really. Out it goes.

    Here, you can glimps a bit of the passenger side replacement work.

    I will be going through the wiring, removing what is not necessary for now. We also still need to remove the rest of the HVAC equipment.

    Decided, while windows are nice, the are heavy. Time to add some lexan. While not completely in, just yet. Here is where we are today:

    Windows are out.

    Rivets are in.

    Some nice, light, nylon screws to hold the lexan in.

    And, lastly, the lexan cut, ready for edge painting and counter sinking for the screws.

    Since we were adding lightness, we decided the sunroof had to go. It is now out, along with its framework. The car is scheduled to go to RG this friday (03/19/10) to be welded up, and completed.



    One thing we do want to achieve, is keeping the car, technically, road legal. So, as we have plans for the front bumper area that will not facilitate turn signals, we copied a creative solution from a friend. Jon went to work in stalling them in the grill.

    Now for the fun stuff. Wheels and tires. :D 17X9.5 Rota P45Rs

    As compared to a small child. LOL. (Jon's boy)

    Some test fitting:

    With flare held up.

    With the tires. Nitto NT01 255/40-17

    Still much to do. Will introduce other projects when they are closer to completion.
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      how it is sitting today

      Build : Das Drehmoment Ungeheuer


        You guys are off to a good start. I cant wait to see the car with the flairs and wheel combo. I have been following your wheel post over on e30tech. Its nice to see people busting out of the mold and running some real tires. Keep up the good work!
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          Sweet. Love the wheels


            damn jon, spy, you guys are moving along lol.

            Firefighter/EMT, Paramedic class of 2010. Yeah, i save Lives.


              - Chris
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                On the cheap, huh? I like it though.



                  depends on your definition of cheap. This isn't some GRM 2010 car that is for sure. But won't be as bad as you're thinking.
                  Build : Das Drehmoment Ungeheuer




                      where the hell did you find 4x100 p45rs?
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                        cool, you guys gonna bring it to Lincoln at all?


                          Originally posted by drumad View Post
                          where the hell did you find 4x100 p45rs?
                          Available from any Rota dealer. They are now a standard item, but only in this color at this time. hub bore is 67.1mm so 10mm off OE, but rings can fix that if needed.

                          Originally posted by e30fish View Post
                          cool, you guys gonna bring it to Lincoln at all?
                          It is possible. Car is primarily setup for track days, but the hope is to auto-x it some. But probably not in 2010 @ LAP since we've got a nationally competitive car to drive this year. If no co-drives present themselves in 2011, I may campaign this in XP for the heck of it.
                          Build : Das Drehmoment Ungeheuer


                            This is looking really great!

                            I have an '87 325is LeMon car with a few other guys in NH. We ran at Stafford Springs the last two years. We added a bit too much lightness, however, and kind of screwed the handling. For the doors, hood, and trunk lid, we removed all but the skin and attached them with NASCAR-style posts and cotter pins. The battery was relocated to the spare tire well. Most everything aft of the dashboard was removed. And when we were done the rear of the car was high off the ground, like a puppy wanting to play. Any bump in a turn would have me scrambling for opposite lock. For our 2nd race we threw a couple of spare tires in the back. :roll:

                            How are you planning to maintain the weight distribution?


                              Originally posted by drumad View Post
                              where the hell did you find 4x100 p45rs?
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