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Andrew's 1989 325i Project

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    Well still trying to find an engine

    Didn't touch the car today, Im just out of it today.


      Success! Everybody doubted me, but I came through! Had it out officially at like 10:30 lastnight. Took 5 hours, but we were noobs and took warm up breaks.

      I learned SO much. Some things that instantly come to mind:

      1. Put cherry picker hook only a few inches off the lift point
      2. Ditch the rear strap after you get it like 3 inches off the mounts to achieve the proper angle
      3. Remove the Power Steering compressor made it sooo much easier. I already had the AC one off from my delete
      4. Removing the transmission cooler line is not very hard, and very helpful.
      5. Ingenuity is super important
      6. Having friends help is a must

      We had some fun earlier in the day too...

      Our drift scooter that is AWESOME

      Had to run to Lowes and buy a better lift hook and some shackles. $12 or so, and another $1 at fastenal for a fat ass nut for the hoist

      All hooked up. I ran a 1 inch tie down under the bellhousing of the tranny, right by that plastic screen thing.

      Another pic of my best friend

      How my old lump sits now


        Cool story now where da m50 at

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          No M50 for now..


            Originally posted by 5Toes View Post
            Success! Everybody doubted me, but I came through!

            Lol, no one doubted that you would eventually pull it out, that's the easy part.

            Congrats though, first motor pulls feel good.

            1987 PRO-3 car /1990 325is (2.7i Concours)


              It does feel good! Thanks John!


                I laughed at my timing belt today, so easy with the engine out!

                Got lots of stuff done today. Loosened head bolts using a standard 6 point socket, worked fine. Then remembered I had to take timing belt off to get head off! Haha very easy job when the engine is out of the car, I didnt even set it to top dead center, I didnt care. And yes I did the bolts in the right order :)

                Head is fine. Looks uber clean

                Block looks great too for 200,000 miles. My best friend's Dad was a tech for 30 years and he said it had 3 or 4 thousandths of scoring, so not bad at all. He was impressed.

                I pulled the oil pan and found a rocker or two that are looser than the others, I will take a video tomorrow of it.

                Since block is being made into a table, I went to town on it with purple power, hose and a brass brush. lol no fucks were given, that thing is super wet right now with the oil pan off and all.

                Pan was a bitch sort of, so many bolts and super hard to get to in car. Ugh my friend and I have our work cut out for us over Spring Break when we do his.

                Working on this car is so easy! lol I also got some quotes for getting my new head resurfaced, hot tanked and pressure tested. Will compare new head to my current one and decide which one to keep.

                Noob mistake of the day, tipping engine over to get to oil pan bolts without draining oil (with head off). Big mess, but it cleaned up fine.

                Onto some pics:


                  looks very unorganized.... i'm sure you will learn about that :)
                  but congrats to say the least! i've yet to pull a motor, but i have pulled half of one. ;)


                    lol yes bolts everywhere. But this engine is pretty much scrap, new engine has all the bolts I need. lmao


                      Ordering parts

                      This what I have so far:

                      cap and rotor
                      upper gasket set
                      lower gasket set
                      head bolts
                      engine and tranny mounts
                      tbelt kit and water pump gasket (I am going to re use my water pump)
                      BMW coolant
                      accessory belts
                      automatic transmission filter kit
                      intake boot


                        29 pages! interesting read, keep up the hard work!


                          Looks good, if you need a hand just PM me. I am local and can turn a wrench.
                          Barron Brooks Oo=00=oO ‘76 2002, ‘82 Alpina B9 (Tribute), ‘88 325i Vert, ‘13 X5 Diesel



                            Dude awesome! My buddy and I are changing his oil pan in Bangor next week. I will pm you


                              O-rings for the injectors, breather tube and dipstick. Theses may come with the gasket kit. Vacuum lines for the brake booster. New rubber fuel lines.


                                I just replaced all vac lines, those are nice and fresh. The injectors are m50 ones freshly rebuilt, and the "bitch tube" has fresh or rings too. Replaced all that when I did my starter