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No Budget Build "The Glorious Piece of $hit"

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    No Budget Build "The Glorious Piece of $hit"

    This is my 1989 BMW 325i Build.

    I have had many experiences with BMWs owning almost a dozen in the past 5 years. Most have been toys to do DD duty and light AutoX and track day duty.

    I recently decided to tackle a e30 project, and make it a street legal HPDE car. This is a Low Budge / No Budget build.

    This e30 was purchased with roughly 160k and has surely seen a rough and poorly maintained life. I was looking for a real fixer upper, to keep me entertained for a while.

    Some pictures of the nicer vehicles I have modded:

    97 528i/5

    99 328i/5

    00 540i/6

    Now that you guys know who I am, Why I think I have a chance at tackling this e30 the pictures taking my new found toy home.

    Referred to as the “Glorious Piece of Shit”

    Picking the new girl up:

    Toss it on the lift to see what I bought (Oh LORD!)

    We now see there is a lot more rust and such than I bargained for, the Previous Owner must have been happy to see me leave with this car.

    No front sway bar
    Nearly everything suspension related needs replacing
    Looks beat
    Electrical issues, sometimes wont stay running and any electrical things like windows… forget about it.

    On to pictures to start the repairs, Time flew fast on some small fixes so ignore the lack of captions.

    Look at the difference a little black spray paint can make:

    Now Time to remove the hood, Install a new Hood Latch and get ready for a new timing belt:

    New Timing Belt + water pump, various seals and some fancy Valve cover painting:

    Its back together, runs alright!

    Now on to fixing the PO’s intake system, OEM air box install:

    This brings us to now, this is quite condensed, and Lots of work has been going on in the last month.

    Electrical issues have been solved much of the suspension has been purchased and awaiting install, wheels+tires installed, interior stripped.

    Will keep updated as time progresses.

    Thanks for viewing!
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    nice work, taking care of the essentials and cleaning it up a bit


      that filter is shot! holy cow
      -FREEDOM- is cruisin at 80, windows down and listening to the perfect song-thinking "this is it"
      -The Beauty in the Tragedy-
      MECHANIC SMASH!!- (you all know you do it)
      Got Drop?? ;-)
      Originally posted by JinormusJ
      But of course
      E30s are know to be notoriously really really really ridiculously good looking


        1. nice cars
        2. nice titties
        3. nice e30 build

        that is all

        Turbo M42 Build Thread :Here
        I like the tuna here.
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        Buttchug. The official poster child of r3v.


          that's not your wife right? well i like her anyway.
          that filter, holy shiznit.

          Originally posted by yert315
          Your mother is plug n play


            Shweet cars, all of them (although I especially love the first E39)!

            Can't wait to see where else you go from here!
            Originally posted by LJ851
            kingston is the play by play announcer for this thread.
            ‘Tis by the grace of God that my cars run!

            Originally posted by unloadedak
            Siobhan's Build Thread - UPDATED!


              nice progress!

              Did you bondo the sunroof?


                - insert "i like where this thread is going" pic here -

                really digging your progress!!!
                i like your attitude just get shit done.
                and the valve cover colors are rad!!!


                  This is what I am talking about.
                  Yours truly,
                  Originally posted by Rigmaster
                  you kids get off my lawn.....


                    i see you weld with shorts on also...btw ,why no go with offset cab bushings...hell of alot more caster!!
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                      Wow, your own lift. Nice project!



                        Nice repairs man! needs a bit more detailing in the bay to pull of that black/lime color. And that 540/6 is SOOOOO awesome =)
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                          Thanks for the comments guys, things should move fast on this thread, as in the next week it needs to be at the strip.

                          Today, I have started the sanding and minimal prepping for paint tomorrow.

                          finished the sunroof and will complete sanding, and then power wash the car.

                          got to set up a home made spray booth and prep paint, and get spraying by late afternoon tomorrow.

                          pics from today:

                          Awaiting work this morning

                          Sunroof Nightmare left from last night

                          friend sanding for me

                          Car as the day progresses

                          Using the big power tools

                          How she looks as I close up the Barn

                          Will update tomorrow night with hopefully a painted car!
                          95 Ford PSD : 99 540i M-sport : 89 325i

                          e39 Rear Muffler Delete Exhaust Video...BMW 540i/6 Fort Devens AutoX, IN-CAR Video...Learn to Re-finish your Headlights (Click for Video)


                            In for progress...
                            BMWCCA #389756


                              Car Painted Today!

                              Starts again 3rd day of sanding

                              Decided to forgo the trim over and around the door, It got jacked up coming off of the car and I can call this weight reduction

                              Lovely Assistant w/ said work

                              Setting up the spray booth, removed the RV to make room for paint.

                              Car in the booth, Mask off and final prep

                              Now the Equipment. HPLV Wagner electric spray gun. Didn't have enough compressor for a quality air gun, spraying oil based paint and had no interest in screwing with tips on the gun.

                              This is my first attempt at spraying, glad Its being done on this car not my others.

                              Rustoelum Gloss White. I am sure I will get some Hate for this, but at $6 a quart, I am just over $100 on all materials including sanding supplies, Paint Gun, and the other small bits

                              Thinned the paint to the Wagner Gun's directions for oil-based paint.

                              Spray Time!

                              Generally Not to shabby, looks infinitely better than the factory paint job, and was fun.

                              Will look if Rustoleum Sells a Clear coat to work with the paint tomorrow. If so will spray clear after work.
                              95 Ford PSD : 99 540i M-sport : 89 325i

                              e39 Rear Muffler Delete Exhaust Video...BMW 540i/6 Fort Devens AutoX, IN-CAR Video...Learn to Re-finish your Headlights (Click for Video)